ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager is a minimalist piece of software that offers you an incredibly straightforward way of sharing your Internet connection by allowing you to instantly create a so-called Hotspot.
To get this nifty utility up and running, you have to first make sure that .NET  Framework 3.5 is present on your computer's system. Other than that, it should be smooth sailing from here onwards, as you only have to download and unzip the app's package, and launch it (it doesn't hurt to run it with full administrative rights) via its designated executable file.
There are simplistic interfaces and then there's ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager's UI
You are met by the app's compact main window which displays a clutter-free and very intuitive user interface, which is definitely one of the app's highlights. That said, start off by naming and defining a password for your future Hotspot from the app's basic settings section.
All that's left to do no now is to hit the On button from the right side of the main window and check the connection using any other Wifi-savvy device from your vicinity. The app also provides you with a useful advanced log section that can be easily concealed, as well as with a small step-by-step user guide that shows you how to share your Internet connection.
Create a hotspot with just a few mouse clicks
Taking everything into account, ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager is a fairly decent and certainly useful application. Sure, it does require a bit of attention when it comes to following the walkthrough, but other than that, you should have a fairly useful and intuitive app on your hands.


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Download ✵✵✵ DOWNLOAD






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The app’s minimalistic UI provides a fast and easy way of setting up your connection hotspot.

Working with ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager is actually a breeze as well as with no side effects.

The app is still in development and thus it is yet to be released for public.


– The app’s developers have stated that they are going to provide a built-in updater so that it can be automatically updated whenever an update becomes available.

– The app’s interface is user-friendly.

– The app’s default setting window can be easily hidden, although it is a cool feature and is recommended to be kept around as an access point.

– It allows you to share your Internet connection by using a so-called Wifi Hotspot.

– You can easily set up a “Guest” access for your connection, and you can easily get this guest access whenever you wish to.


– There is no way of setting up the connection hotspot manually, but instead you have to follow a certain automatic process that can be tedious at times.

– When you enter the auto-connection menu, you are first introduced to a list of other apps (developed by other companies) that can be used to share your Internet connection.

– It does require.NET Framework 3.5 to be present on your computer’s system.

– When it comes to Hotspot connectivity, the app does not reveal exactly how the connection is being established.

– It cannot be launched from a USB stick.

– There is no way of manually editing the settings, but instead you have to work with the automatic settings.


There are other Wifi hotspot apps available that you can use to share your Internet connection as well, but you have to note that none of them match or surpass the features of ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager. In addition to that, you can easily edit and tweak the app, and you can also find more settings features within it.
This guide is a great way to find and install the app for yourself, and it is presented for your convenience.

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■ Versatile, powerful Wifi connection sharing tool for personal computers.
■ An intuitive and easy-to-use GUI.
■ Large selection of options.
■ Automatically reconnect.
■ Secure web page connection sharing.
■ Manage network connections from the command line.
■ Support for multiple accounts.
■ Support for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
■ Support for Linux and Mac OS X.
■ Supports Win-Aware, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and more.
■ Free!
■ Supports free and commercial accounts.
■ Connect up to 10 PCs simultaneously.
■ Works with any wireless network.
■ Customizable configuration parameters.
■ Simple, elegant, and user-friendly UI.
■ Free from ads and malicious software.
■ Latest and stable versions.
■ Write us if you experience any issues with the product.


MacFactory and PCFactory are similar apps that I recently found while browsing the web. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to PCFactory, they might be for you.
MacFactory and PCFactory are similar apps that I recently found while browsing the web. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to PCFactory, they might be for you.
MacFactory and PCFactory are similar apps that I recently found while browsing the web. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to PCFactory, they might be for you.




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What’s New in the ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager?

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