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In February, our Clovis location will be a part of the Montana Museum’s exhibition “A Life at Work: American Labor Conflicts, 1890-1940.” In the exhibit, Missouri History Museum curator Chana Chadwell portrays the struggles of two unique and difficult occupations, agriculture and mining. One of Missouri’s largest employers in the late nineteenth century, the mining industry has left an indelible mark on the state’s culture, politics and economy.Learn more »

American Heritage Institute

The American Heritage Institute is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation organized to preserve and maintain the enduring assets of American heritage, including the experiences of generations past and the institutions, businesses, and ways of life that formed them.


The American Heritage Institute collects, preserves, and makes available America’s precious heritage, including the folkways and intercultural bridges forged by immigrants, their descendants, and members of other cultures.


In this short video from a 2000 visit to the Clovis Mine, the author explains the world’s first “systematized” Paleolithic site, where scientists found evidence of the first art, religion, material culture and fire, almost 20,000 years ago.

Meet Heritage Missouri’s Co-Presidents Tom Whitfield, CEO of Lincoln Log, and Kathy Hamilton, the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Director of Historic Preservation. See how they’ve been building on the strong connection between manufacturing and heritage.

With the balance of power switching from the east coast to the west coast, Missouri is fast becoming a trailblazer in the transportation economy. Claire Sainsbury talks about America’s new transportation infrastructure and how Missouri is paving the way for the future.The Express Mail Service, with its obligation to get packages to the registered addressee, is an “established system which is well known to the public,” the judge said in the ruling.




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You are using the browser version of our website which does not allow you to properly view the embedded version of Adobe Flash. Please update your browser to the latest version to be able to view the embed version of Flash properly.Q:

Does FCM have any effect on logcat and memory usage?

I tried to enable Firebase Cloud Messaging in my app with the GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) version 3.0.3, but I met the following problems.
Problem 1: FCM has no effect on logcat. I turned on the logcat without FCM but the app can still work normally.
Problem 2: FCM increases the memory usage. After enabling FCM, the app’s memory usage suddenly rises.
I am really confused whether I just get a simple GCM or FCM in the beginning.
Is FCM possible to turn off from the service configuration after I turned on it?


Firebase Cloud Messaging is not GCM. It is a Google service that is much simpler than GCM. You will most likely still need to use a Google service.
This means you might need to use something like Firebase Cloud Messaging.
However, it is possible to turn off FCM during testing.
From the FCM documentation:

Firebase Console / Developer Dashboard
Go to a Firebase project in the console
Select the settings icon () in the top right corner
Select APIS & auth from the menu
Select Cloud Messaging from the settings panel
Enable or disable Firebase Cloud Messaging

You should then be able to test this out while it’s disabled.

Veteran translator Yukarı

Veteran translator: Yukarı


91 freelance ont fait une offre moyenne de

I am a native Turkish and German translator, living in Germany. I have experience in translation of legal, technical, medical,

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