Windows XP PRO VHD ^HOT^

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Windows XP PRO VHD

the section deals with, cpu, memory and network settings. as you can see the cpu relates to the processor speed and the amount of ram memory is the default 10gb which will be sufficient for the virtual machine. the network setting is, we must setup a network adapter. select network and here is where we will setup the ip address of the virtual machine. just like the other servers, it will require that the subnet mask and the dns address are the same as your physical one. you will also see dhcp option and that means that the virtual machine will be moved to a new ip address whenever it changes. i wouldnt recommend to do that, but it will be better to just define the ip address.

this guide, is to provide you with a complete and comprehensive guide on how to install windows xp over a hyper-v virtual machine so that your existing computer can run the old operating system, using one of the most powerful virtualization platform available, microsoft hyper-v.

in this article, we will describe how to set up a windows xp professional x86 edition (32-bit) virtual machine, so it can run on the host operating system, windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10, windows server 2008 r2, and windows server 2012.

when this new virtual machine is powered up, it will begin installing windows xp into the virtual machine, finding the normal virtual environment of intel 440bx chipset, s3 trio video card, ethernet network card, etc. etc. you will need to create a name for the virtual computer (i suggest using the name you used for creating the.vmcx file) and a password for the adminstrator account.