Winclon 5 Premium

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Winclon 5 Premium

winclone pro also includes a new feature, winclon oc for mac, a self extractor package for macos that allows users to boot their windows installation without booting into windows. the app is compatible with any mac with two or more hard drives that use apple efi boot records. it can also be used to recover the windows installation without booting into windows. this eliminates the need to use the windows recovery assistant and a dual boot setup to boot into windows in order to recover the bootable windows installation. in other words, winclone oc for mac can be a drop in replacement for the windows recovery assistant.

winclone pro for mac will be of interest to apple users who need to restore or manage their boot camp partitions and/or data on mac. it allows you to restore the boot camp partition from a backup or create a new one with all the latest windows os and drivers from the apple store on the current mac.

winclone for mac allows you to transfer and clone the windows partition or backup to an external storage device and restore to a new mac. this tool has got two modes to choose from, the first one is the baseline clone where a copy of your windows partition gets cloned to an external storage device in your mac while you are using the source system, the second is source-to-destination where you can move data or the entire partition across the network. the mac version of winclone comes with the software at a set price of $59.99 usd, and it only requires mac os x 10.9 or higher.

winclone for mac, in the new studio interface, gives you the tools to clone your windows partitions, create a windows repair disk or restore a windows operating system to a new mac. it allows you to transfer your windows backup, clone your windows partition or boot camp partition to a new mac. it is like a magic wand for restoring any windows operating system from the source system and getting it up and running on a new mac. it is also a powerful tool for managing your data and partitions, as well as automating unattended os updates and deployment to multiple macs in an apple deployment group.