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Wilcom Decostudio E2 Portable

The message that you have no more than $40 to buy a royalty free embroidery font is pretty discouraging. Thats how we felt right after arriving at the Wilcom Decostudio E2 portable. We werent so sure we could upgrade to the new E2 without spending more money. After all, it was so darned easy to make the old E2 portable boot up and start working as it was the previous version. We had the [[…]

The London Olympics are almost upon us, and the anticipation is rising. Funnily enough, embroidery and printing play quite a part in the sporting scene. From school yard football matches across the country to the Olympics stadium, athletes are emblazoned with embroidery and print from our humble industry. We interviewed a few Wilcom users to […]

Wilcom Decostudio E2 and Embroidery Studio e2 are professional embroidery software providing powerful and useful features. They will help you to import, edit and print your designs on fabric, including ready-made designs, but also your own creations by using several advanced tools, such as: mapping, split screen, digitizing, stitching, hang tags, text, image, image recognition, 3D enhancements, including color, and more. As an added value, the two of them can be installed and run easily on any computer with no specific professional skills required by the end user. The installation procedure is simple and just as easy as running a standard program, even on your smartphone. We support Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Both the Windows and Mac versions are compact and portable, which means that you can use them at home, during your travels, while attending a trade show, or anywhere you want. []


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