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Play games! Make games! Create games! Roblox is the
game-making platform where imagination becomes reality – and your
ideas can come to life via an infinite variety of virtual experiences.
Roblox enables users of all ages to step into the shoes of an
intrepid explorer, a futuristic astronaut, a high-flying adventurer, or
even a legendary wizard – all from the comfort of their own home or
anywhere around the world, via modern web browser or classic desktop
When creating in-game content, users are able to build for the web or
to deploy to the WebGL-enabled open-source Roblox Studio. The creativity
of users is supported by game engines – a robust and flexible suite of
products that, together, empower developers to bring their ideas to
life. Whether this means creating a thoughtful vignette with dynamic
animation and a fully-featured physics engine or a captivating strategic
strategy experience with eye-catching visuals and deep gameplay,
Roblox serves as a sandbox for all forms of expressive, interactive
media creation.
Featuring fun, quirky, toy-inspired graphics and broad gameplay, Roblox
has already attracted more than 15 million registered users who have
spent more than 170 billion minutes playing all kinds of games – from
action-packed, team-based multiplayer experiences to more creative
stories and immersive role-playing. Roblox games continue to grow and
develop, and soon, developers can add game chat to their experiences to
reach their biggest player audiences.

Roblox Awards

Roblox is the only platform to ever win a GLAAD media award (2013), and it was also awarded the “#1 Platform for Kids Ages 12–17” in 2015.

The recipient of over 1,300 awards, Roblox has been included in Inc. Magazine’s Franchise 500 five times, #1 in Best of What’s New 2014 and Top 10 Most Innovative Games of 2016, The Best Games of 2013, and Top 10 Most Innovative Games of 2013 as chosen by P&Q Magazine.

Most Popular Games

In 2012, Roblox made the top 10 list of the most popular games on Android devices.

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Roblox is growing quickly, and it is one of the most popular game sites on the Internet! The site offers members the opportunity to have a customized Roblox experience. Many of the games are free to play. Roblox allows members to buy Robux and Robux cheats when they want to get more robux in order to purchase awesome items. The website offers a vast array of different devices to play and interact with. Roblox allows members to create


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