Watch Fast And Furious 8 English 1080p


Watch Fast And Furious 8 English 1080p

this is another cheat. i was watching a christmas carol as a kid and really got hooked on the classic. as such, i decided to watch a christmas carol a second time, and then white christmas for a third. all in all, it took me three years to watch these three films, but i eventually did it. in the end it was worth it.

well, i’ve seen the trailers and reviews and the plot sounds simple enough but the whole thing has a weird weight to it that sets it apart from the rest of the fast & furious series. i’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but it certainly sets this one apart.

is this the right move for universal? probably not. it feels almost as if the studio is trying to make the fast & furious films into an nc-17 or r-rated franchise. i mean, there’s a gun here, two sex scenes there. the whole thing has an air of danger about it. personally, i like the movies to be pg-13, but that’s just me. i’m also a huge fan of the whole idea of a semi-autonomous car. i’m not sure why the fast & furious films have struck such a chord with audiences, but i’m confident that the new series will be similarly successful.

you know what would’ve made the fast and the furious series even more awesome? if the series had never been about cars. a lot of the films focus on the cars, and they’re all super fun to watch, but they’re really just vehicles for the action. the films are about cars and chase scenes, but they’re also about drug cartels, street gangs, family politics and the like. if the series had focused on those elements as much as the car stuff, it would’ve been something truly special.