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Should I remove it?


I believe the advice you’ve gotten from the web to change the version if the file is missing is correct. The program would not install, because the file that it references doesn’t exist.
To see what the actual problem is, you could go to the command line and run the installer as administrator (right click, “Run as administrator”) and look for error messages. It might say something like “Cannot find the file /myapp.dll”, which would mean that it looks for that file in the wrong place.


Hi again, I recently decided to start removing my old junky stuff to free up space in my garage. I had mentioned (and I remember getting a PM or 2 about it) the reason I was selling it was my 2013 Xj’s front fender rails. I had them off on a shelf, and about five months later (now almost five months later), I’m putting them on a shelf. They’re holding up very well, as I’ve had them for almost four years and haven’t really had a problem with them yet.
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How to check if a tag has a class name that starts with “new”?

I would like to use selenium to check if a tag has a class name that starts with “new”.
I’ve tried the following code, which doesn’t seem to work:
if($(‘’).length > 0){
//Do something

However, if I try to replicate the same check in the Firefox developer tool, it works just fine, like so:

I am new to scripting and I was under the impression that both versions should be equivalent, but obviously I’ve been wrong.


You need to use jQuery’s.hasClass() instead of.length: