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Install Latest Release Apps and Games for Google Nexus 7 2017 With 1.3 GB Ram.UK lawmakers scrutinising state of austerity

Following the recent budget and the string of departures of Labour ministers, the UK government is reportedly under scrutiny for its recent fiscal austerity measures.

In an editorial titled “The two years ahead”, the Sun newspaper said: “The sun is shining, the deckchairs are out. This is the time to have a breather from austerity Britain, an hour or two to enjoy the good weather.”

However, the editorial added: “Will the sun be shining during the summer? That’s why we’re here. The prime minister and his party are just about to enter the doldrums of summer.”

Philip Hammond, the chancellor, wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “The first budget is behind us and now the focus turns to the general election. We know the country faces an important choice: will we repeat our success, or will we be condemned to the fiscal blame and uncertain economics of the past?”

The Sun said the chancellor should not be so complacent, because although the government has “proven it can make big, even dramatic, changes”, he can still find himself amid “boomerang effects”.

“He must not get too complacent. The eurozone’s experience shows that changes tend to roll back.”

The Sun said that if Hammond opted for a “bigger and more vigorous” programme of job creation, the amount of benefit claimants would rise back up again.

“The critics will say – correctly – that these plans won’t create enough jobs – although that’s why we’re doing them. We know we cannot afford to have jobless Britain.”

Business news: In pictures Show all 13 1 /13 Business news: In pictures Business news: In pictures Flybe collapses Airline Flybe has collapsed. All future flights on the Exeter-based airline have been cancelled – leaving more than 2,300 staff facing an uncertain future, and wrecking the travel plans of hundreds of thousands of passengers. The chief executive, Mark Anderson, said: “Europe’s largest independent regional airline has been unable to overcome significant