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this nerd has got problems, but he’s hoping his take on the popular sitcom will inspire you to laugh – and maybe even forgive. after all, most people turn into drooling idiots when they discover a rat snake in their backyard. but the awkwardness of the situation never overwhelms the brilliant premise of the show.

in this third-person, open-world role-playing game, set in a fictitious world of islands and oceans, players journey across hostile lands, fend off deadly encounters and explore the world as they explore and master new skills. running from dangerous dinosaurs to all-out pirate attacks, it’s up to players to master sword skills, magic, and technique as they take control of a pirate warrior, on an adventure to gain fame, fortune and buried treasure. players shape their character by selecting from nine character classes, each with its own unique and well-balanced set of skills.

kutai island has been isolated from the rest of the world since the volcanic eruption that covered the island in a thick and permanent layer of ash. stagnant and overgrown with vegetation, kutai has become a mysterious and dangerous place. there is a price on thier head and the local mafia wants them dead. asimple salesman for a local company arrives on the island and announces that he has found something: the land is rich in minerals and has not been properly investigated for several years. he recruits john and a small group of convicts and ex-soldiers and they form a team.

while today, most of the world makes do with an incredibly limited range of materials, the inhabitants of mechana have access to a virtually endless variety. discover a new world of shapes and colours, and of unlimited opportunities. an addictive experience for those who wish to explore the limits of technology.