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VCS Vehicle Communication Scanner is ADK Auto Diagnostic Interface.. VCS Auto OBD2 scanner Support comprehensive diagnosis and reading of control .
1/2005 ~ ShopFox® is the leading automotive technology dealer with a vast inventory of new and used vehicles. All while providing customers with the most unique and extraordinary service experience. .
Vehicle Communication (VCS): Vehicle communication (VCS) is the vehicle network on board (OBD-II) communication.. Introduced in 1970s, VCS is now used in international cars. .
EPA Vcs Vehicle Communication Scanner Working Page8. Potretny, L. Automotive Communication Systems. .Q:

Passing parameters to function in C++

In my C++ console application I have a function named Bar like
void Bar ( int value )


I have another function in the same file like
void Foo ( int number )


I want to write a procedure to pass the value parameter from the Foo function to the Bar function. Bar will take the value argument as an input and will return an output.
Can anyone please help me to write this function?


You simply call Bar with the argument that Foo passes to it:

You can use partial specialization of function to capture the return type of Foo as a template argument:
void Bar (int &value);

void Bar(int &value) {… }

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