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The Suit Short Story Can Themba Pdf Download

finally, my days of humiliation were over. when i told matilda about my recent adventures she was not surprised. she had expected something like this to happen. she said that it was a known fact that white men never thought of black women as human beings. she said that she had already heard of many cases of white men siring children with black women. so when it happened, she didnt even bother to feel surprised. she said that she had taken my suit as a gift from my brother. she only took it as my brother owed her and she could not be hurt because she was the mothers of his children. she then made me clean the whole house, vacuuming and mopping the floors with all the money i had. she then went out to her jobs which she did daily to supplement my brother s income as a taxi driver. she did this for several days before she had to go back to work. my brother was a very generous man. he was usually very good to her because she was the mother of his children. he sometimes gave her money but he had a soft spot for her.

thembas first story, the suit, (1963), won the miles morland award for a south african literary award. the story, told in the voice of matilda, the wife of a small-time crook, philemon, who is doing time, is a revenge tale. matilda has been betrayed by her husband and, rather than bear witness to the way in which he mistreats her, she takes her own life. philemon, however, believes that she is still alive, and he sets out to kill her. he does so in a way that has the appearance of being fair, but, in fact, is a form of torture. he seeks out a tailor who can make him a new suit, so that he can look good for the occasion. but it does not work. the suit does not fit; and when philemon takes his suit out, he is humiliated because he is ashamed of it.

in my opinion, it is not the author who has corrupted the prose of a writer but the society that has corrupted him. can themba wrote a number of articles for a number of publications in the early 1950s but he did not hold on to his voice in a way that would make him stand out. the society of those times did not accept someone like him as he was. it is a strange thing how people change their behaviour when they are exposed to the same environment. can themba had a certain sense of dignity that made him refrain from speaking out when he felt the need to do so. however, this feeling of dignity was slowly corroded as he became more involved in the struggle to end apartheid. he eventually lost his voice.
maphikela was a man who knew the world from every angle. he worked his way through the country by buying from farmers and sellers. in this way, he could get to know all the black townships. he got to know the people and how they lived. he would report to the herald on the precarious lives of the black townships and how there was no end to their problems. while gathering all this information, maphikela was showing his youthful side. he was more interested in the short stories and the novels that the children from the township read at school. he was captivated by the magic of the fantasy worlds they described. this young man was full of ambition. it was not until he got to know a writer like chanie hasebe that he found his calling in life. he used to say that he used to be a teacher who taught at the tswane school. chanie hasebe, as we know, was a very famous writer and civil rights activist. he was a member of the hawks, the hispano african writers and artists society. he was also a member of the liberal party and often campaigned for the rights of blacks to own property. he wrote many novels, some of which are presented in this book. maphikela became a member of the hawks and his passion for writing and activism were passed on to the youth of sophiatown. in fact, he was the one who encouraged the youth to write. he told them that writers were important because they showed the world what was really happening in sophiatown. he used to say that to write was to fight because he could not see any other way to get rid of apartheid than through literature. [m] he had even given the youth an insight into the genre of writing that was not readily available to people from sophiatown. one such insight was into the genre of the short story. if one was not familiar with this, he could not appreciate the world that was being described. maphikela did not come across it by chance. he started collecting and saving short stories written by the youth. he had a special place in his home where he kept them. one day, when he came across one story of a man who fought for his land, he recognized that one day he too would be a writer. he spent the rest of his life collecting these short stories from the youth of sophiatown. when he retired, he was a very successful writer. he had won many prizes for his short stories. he was one of the first people to publish the work of the youth from sophiatown.