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Burton. Tim. –The Art of Tim Burton. London: Ebury Press, 2011. Publication Date: 28 August 2011. Format: pdf. Cover: Softcover. Language: English. 8. 250 x 210 mm. Condition: Perfect. This is an ex-Library book. The book has NO damage to the book. A rare collector’s item; the condition of the book is unaltered and uncirculated in perfect illustrated wraps. It is not in English, though a notation at the bottom of the title page indicates it might have been published in London in the 1840s. A very very nice copy. Free delivery – this is a second class item, standard delivery is 2-3 days in the UK and 2-3 weeks worldwide. International delivery takes longer.

The work as such is of no special value, but, like so many other of Burton’s satires, it is peopled with some of the best British caricaturists of the period. The topographical sketch is by Mr. [sic] A.B. Newell of Philadelphia, whose portrait as a ‘chemist’ is particularly amusing, the same artist has preserved a duplicate drawing of the wrong head in a more useful variety. It is not until you come to the revealing figure of this scapegrace that Newell’s abilities of sketching the details of dress and appearance show themselves at their best in the group of figures. The subtitle of the book is a bit of a mystery to me; only one work of Burton’s is included, the fanciful ‘Frankenweenie’ is a cartoon of his own making, and another of his production, ‘Sweeney Todd,’ has already been published. But the most deadly of all his satires is the one that he made himself, the anthropomorphic personal drama of ‘Ed Wood.’ Now that is real literature.