The Amazing Spider – Man 2015 Full Movie Free Download

unfortunately, the first movie was a bit of a misfire, offering up some sharp but ultimately not satisfying character tweaks. the sequel also follows that same pattern, with a few new wrinkles, but ultimately still not offering the perfect mix of character development and core gameplay that would make it feel like it was worth the trip to the cinema. the game also comes with a new feature, the ability to play as amazing spider-man 2 characters miles morales and gwenpool, which is a welcome addition, but ultimately feels like an afterthought.

by the time the second amazing spider-man film was released, sony had already been suffering a wave of negative press for the sony email hacks, which exposed sony executives discussing their potential fallout from the hack. while the information leaked may not have been anything too shocking, it certainly didnt help sony in the eyes of the public. as a result, sony scrapped plans for venom and sinister six and even considered cutting down the spider-man movie series to two movies.

the decision was so unpopular with fans, that the studio released a statement in december 2015 affirming that a second spider-man movie would be made, but that it would only be one movie. this came just weeks after news hit that sony pictures was considering moving venom from 2016 to 2017 and sinister six from 2017 to 2018, the latter of which would have forced sony to skip two spider-man movies.

to sony executives, 2018 seemed the most logical choice for the amazing spider-man 3s release, as it would fall smack dab in the middle of a couple of other spider-man films, at least on paper. however, while that would have been a great idea for the amazing spider-man franchise, it would have been bad for business, as the other two films released in 2018 would be spider-man: homecoming and spider-man: far from home. when you combine that with plans to launch a female-led version of spider-man with the silver lining, a new musical drama for sony that was to be directed by jake gyllenhaals brother, the studio needed to find a way to set up the amazing spider-man franchise as a series that could be released over multiple years.

for one thing, we dont know how to make it work. marvel is famous for its ability to turn x-men and the avengers into juggernauts. marvel must have a strategy for how to do that with spider-man, but we havent seen it yet. we also know that it doesnt work for every franchise. it seems like the biggest risks that battlestar galactica and star trek took ended up being pretty smart, but the mcu is now the third-biggest movie franchise (behind marvel and dc) and it was able to take time-jumping and still come out on top. spider-man doesnt have the same luxury.
its not like marvel can just remake the original spider-man for a new generation. its not like the studio can just take the amazing spider-man 2 and modernize it to work on a new generation. the only way to do it is to start from scratch, and trust that audiences will accept the new spider-man, even if that means making him a bit different from the current spider-man. other superhero movies have had this problem; michael keaton couldn’t sustain the success of batman in the 90s, but they turned it around by recasting the character as a new, modern, more real batman. if the studio gets it right, it could breathe new life into the franchise by revamping it in a way that helps the movies stand out among the rest of the superhero universe.
but the studio had a change of heart, eventually deciding to instead focus on a marvel-owned solo spider-man movie instead of spinning off a whole world. though it still wanted to utilise some marvel characters, the studio eventually opted to make a solo movie with the amazing spider-man. and while this approach has had some detractors, its ultimately the one that made the most sense for the long-term health of sony and spidey. the reason being that had the studio tried to create a universe of its own, it might have created a situation where the studio couldn’t adequately service it in terms of release windows, and its characters would have probably ended up in the hands of different studios. by starting a solo film and backing it up with tv spinoffs like daredevil, the studio could ensure that it could still maintain control over its shared universe.