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We have sent you a verification email. Please follow the link in this message to reset your password.Mindfulness awareness training may improve treatment outcomes for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to a randomized, controlled trial of 105 hospitalized patients at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The training, which is available in the Boston area, includes techniques designed to bring awareness to pain, stress, or other physical and emotional reactions. Patients who tried the program tended to show greater psychological flexibility and less emotion-driven health-care avoidance when meeting with health care providers, researchers report.

“Our results show that mindfulness training can be an effective intervention to support the important process of psychological flexibility,” says study author Lisa M. King, MD, professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mindfulness and Acceptance

In the training, patients learn to observe the contents of their mind and body in a nonjudgmental fashion, rather than letting thoughts and feelings overwhelm them, King says.

“Mindfulness helps us gain perspective on what is going on inside of us without focusing so intensely on ‘the problem,'” she explains.


“When you can do that, you gain more control over what happens in your life,” King says.

COPD is a common chronic respiratory disease characterized by airway obstruction and inflammation. Studies suggest that COPD patients also experience physical and psychosocial limitations, including a diminished sense of well-being, emotional difficulties, and fear of getting sick, King says.

Previous research has shown that patients with COPD generally suffer from high levels of psychological distress and avoid seeking medical care, creating an opportunity for healthcare providers to address any unmet needs.



“My name is Bagus I am from Surabaya in Indonesia. I had problem with my laptop and the screen resolution is too low. I could not do any work or play game on it. I had to buy a new computer with better screen resolution, the problem is my husband doesn’t want to buy a new computer but he wants to fix it himself. I wanted to ask people on internet if there is any way to fix it by yourself. Please give me a step by step guide or something so I can fix it my self and my husband doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to fix it. I have copy this website to my lap top to show you guys how to fix the problem.”



Here’s a different approach.

I’d like you to take a look at this site. From it, you will see that there’s a way to “trap” the strings of text that are being loaded from your page.
The simple version of this solution (for you it will be different) is:

$(document).ready(function() {
$.get(”, function(data) {
var text = data.match(/|/g);

The idea is that you won’t need to get the page source. Instead you will get a response from the page that has html in it, that will load and run in the iframe. In this way, you won’t be accessing the page source directly, but rather get html that is loaded within the iframe.

The same solution, but in an optimized manner (for you it will be different):

$(document).ready(function() {
$.get(”, function(data) {
var text = data.match(/|/g);

Where you

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