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“This will be the first time that he ever celebrates Christmas at Camp Crame. This is something he asked us to do. We are honored to do this,” Palace spokesman Salvador Panelo said in a Palace briefing on the President’s Christmas eve visit to Camp Crame.


Panelo said Duterte would be spending the Christmas with officers assigned at the night headquarters.

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The Palace official also said the President would be spending his Christmas eve with family members and government agencies that have attended the President’s Christmas eve party in Malacañang.

Also included in the party list were Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of the Interior and Local Government, Department of National Defense, Department of Justice, the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Military Academy, the AFP Reserve Command, the AFP Reserve Command, the Philippine National Police, the National Intelligence Office, the Agrarian Reform Administration, the Commission on Elections, the Justice Department, the Department of Finance, and the Department of Agriculture.

Panelo said there would be plenty of Christmas dinner for the President and his men.

He added that after dinner, there would be a round of dancing at the President’s residence in Malacañang.

A special Christmas eve dinner would be served at the Camp Crame gymnasium where the President and his men will also receive gifts.

Panelo said the President’s Christmas eve visit to Camp Crame was done to show that the President does not just visit Sulu but that he also visits Camp Crame.

“This is a visible gesture of the President’s support for the police and all policemen of the country. We’re all policemen. We’re all under the same service. It’s only visible that we celebrate different holidays,” he said.


Panelo said the President, who was recently the target of domestic and international criticisms for his drug war, would likely face protests from human rights advocates when he goes to Camp Crame.

READ: Human rights groups to protest Duterte’s Christmas visit to Camp Crame

“Police men and


Split Second Velocity [CODEX Torrent] Free

Split Second Velocity [CODEX Torrent] Free

Split Second Velocity [CODEX Torrent] Free

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