SoX Portable, also known as Sound eXchange is designed as the Swiss Army knife of sound processing tools.
The app can be used to convert sound files between many different file formats & audio devices, and can apply many sound effects & transformations, as well as doing basic
analysis and providing input to more capable analysis and plotting tools.







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NordicDJ mixer is a complete DJ Software and USB/DAW. Being unique in terms of its technology and user interface, the Scandinavian DJ Software has become the most demanded tool for DJ and producer of professional music. It includes a wide range of DJ-moves, gadgets and tools to create, edit, process and enjoy the DJ-functions to a great extend.

Samsung WPS Office is the leading productivity suite for office applications and brings you all your office programs.
It consists of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, and more.
Samsung WPS Office is a productivity suite in the form of a single app. It has an easy-to-use and convenient user interface that can be operated either by a mouse or a touch screen.
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Seashore QT is a graphical user interface to a wide range of UNIX-like command-line tools.
Seashore QT not only gives you a window on the command-line tools but also lets you run them.
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Sibelius is a music composition, editing and performance application. Sibelius is a complete music composition,
editing and performance application, and has become the standard of its genre. Sibelius is designed with the
needs of both beginners and experienced users in mind and has features to help with the most common tasks.

T5 audio recorder is a special audio recorder. It can record in any sound formats, record from any input sources, with any sampling rate and any bit
depth. It can also display sound wave and spectrum, waveform, and allows you to control volume, mute, and channel balance.

FlightTrackr brings together flight data, live weather, and satellite imagery in a graphical display, allowing you to “follow”
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Keymacro is a free keyboard macro software. The software is primarily designed to be used with any computer running Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS. Keymacro can be
set to recognize and execute preset keyboard macros with the press of a single key.
Keymacro is not designed to be a replacement for a dedicated keyboard controller. You would be better off using an external keyboard controller to assign macros to
keyboard shortcuts. There are also other keyboard controllers on the market that are specifically designed to be used with Keymacro.
Please ensure you have the latest version of Keymacro installed on your Windows computer before running the installer.
You can view the latest version from:

Please use the download link on the download page to retrieve the latest version of the installer.
1) Close any running instances of Keymacro or other software that use the ‘Sndbuf’ library.
2) Download and run the installer.
3) Once the installation is complete, open Keymacro, and ensure you can control the behaviour of the application from the Main Menu.
4) Close Keymacro, and open the ‘Sndbuf’ library. This will ensure that the library is closed and deleted.
5) You will be prompted to import ‘Sndbuf’, click ‘OK’.
6) Import ‘Sndbuf’ to the ‘Sndbuf’ library.
7) Open Keymacro and select ‘Start Recording’.
8) Select the ‘Start Recording’ option.
9) Close Keymacro when done.
Keymacro can be used to record up to 10 different macros, each of which can be used independently.
Macros can be performed in any order by selecting the macro to record, then selecting the macro to run.
The recorded macros can be saved for future use.
You can create as many macros as you want.
Macros are saved in.txt files, which are saved into a folder in the ‘Sndbuf’ library.
Macros can be imported/exported to and from the.txt files.
Macros can be edited in.txt files using Notepad.
Macros can be saved to

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KEYMACRO aims to simplify the life of live sound professionals with a powerful and simple application. KeyMacro was created by Martine Thill after being a sound engineer
for 15 years. Martine is a seasoned touring musician who understands the struggles of running a live sound rig on a tour bus.
KEYMACRO solves many of the issues that touring musicians have with the sound of their live show. The KeyMacro app can change the parameters of a sound file in real time based
on the dynamics and dynamics changes of a song. The soundman can select a specific region of the song that would benefit the most from a louder volume or a lower pitch. The
app can be automated so that the soundman has complete control of the automation without writing code.
KEYMACRO is not just for touring musicians. The app is great for live mixing as it lets the sound engineer control the level of any sound in the show and makes it a lot easier to monitor
the mix. The app is also easy to set up and does not require any special knowledge. Just drag and drop your audio files into the app, load it on your device and KeyMacro is ready
to go!
KEYMACRO Features:
1. Open source on github.
2. Universal (works on iOS and Android devices).
3. Automation.
4. Automation is based on velocity rather than position.
5. Dynamically change parameters of audio file based on dynamics.
6. Automated batch convert to CD Audio.
7. Smart FFTs.
8. Windows 7 support.
9. Automated smooth FFTs.
10. Automated Linear Phase High Pass Filter.
11. Automated Level adjustments.
12. Automated Bus selection.
13. Automated level adjustments.
14. Automated Level adjustments (linear phase FIR filter).
15. Automated Wet & Dry mix calculations.
16. Automated volume automation.
17. Automated pitch automation.
18. Automated MP3 compression.
19. Automated Lossless audio compression.
20. Automated noise reduction.
21. Automated equalization.
22. Automated Limiting.
23. Automated time stretching.
24. Automated recording audio.
25. Automated Audio Segmentation.
26. Automated audio compression.
27. Automated Sampling Rate Conversion.
28. Automated noise removal.
29. Autom

What’s New in the?

SoX is a tool for sound processing and analysis of.WAV,.MP3,.WMA,.OGG,.FLAC,.MP4,.AC3,.M4A,.MKA,.MOD,.RA,.MP2 and other formats. It can also convert many different audio
devices and sample rates.
SoX provides many audio effects, including Reverb, Echo, Pitch shifting, Stereo processing and Multi-channel processing.

-Sound eXchange is a sound processing tool. It can convert sounds from many different audio devices, including:
* Musical instruments
* Video games
* Speech recognition
* Assisted Speakers
* Any audio device
-Sound eXchange can also apply many sound effects to sounds, including:
* Reverb
* Echo
* Pitch shifting
* Stereo processing
* Multi-channel processing
-Sound eXchange supports many audio file formats:
* MP3
* Ogg
* MP4
* AC3
* M4A
* RA
* MP2
-Sound eXchange also provides analysis features, including:
* Sample Rate
* Bit Rate
* Stereo Analysis
* Audio Formats
* Bit depth
* Channels
-Sound eXchange supports many audio devices, including:
* Speakers
* Recording devices
* Headphones
-Sound eXchange supports many sample rates, including:
* 32kHz
* 44.1kHz
* 48kHz
* 88.2kHz
* 96kHz
* 176kHz
* 192kHz

Source Code:
SoX Portable is source code available under the GNU General Public License. It is provided in the form of source tarballs (without installation) as well as as a source archive containing
a compiled version of the program.
The source tarballs and source archive are available from the following sites:
* Source archive:

Help and Support:
* For more information about using and configuring SoX Portable, please visit
* For more information about SoX, please visit

Change History:
* New Features in SoX Portable
* New Plugins
* Improvements

* Bugs fixed
* Other
If you are interested in reviewing or commenting on this MediaWiki page, please
visit the page on SourceForge:


Neddy is a music player which combines a sleek look with an intuitive UI, a powerful API

System Requirements:

PC Requirements:
* OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista * Processor: 2.4 GHz Processor or faster * RAM: 8 GB * Graphics: Intel HD 4000 / Nvidia GT630 or equivalent * DirectX: Version 11 or higher * Storage: 2 GB available space * Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible * Other: Internet Connection * Liked it? Take a second to support the GeekFamily Network by clicking our logo above right!
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