Sony Vaio Pcg 5j1m Driver Dowloand.rar [NEW]


Sony Vaio Pcg 5j1m Driver Dowloand.rar

extract the driver package to a convenient location, for example, the desktop or a folder of your choice. after extracting the package, you should get a folder named after the windows platform, for example:

the advantage of using the device manufacturer’s driver is that it will be updated for you if the device manufacturer releases a new version of the driver. in addition, if the oem’s driver is not up-to-date, the manufacturer’s driver will also allow you to install the device’s vendor-supplied drivers. if you do not update the driver, you will not be able to use the device unless you force the update through device manager.

if you are having a problem with the usb connection, please try to connect the device to a different usb port, or remove the power cable from the usb port. if this does not help, you can try installing the driver again. if the problem persists, please contact the device manufacturer’s customer service department.

all the same, you may still want to install the drivers manually. for example, if you own an idevice that works with the proprietary usb/mfi interface, you may have already used the built-in usb driver package. if so, you can extract it to a folder using the standard windows utility zip. that folder should contain files named after the manufacturer and model of your idevice, including the idevice.inf file, which is the drivers installation manifest file. you can then use the windows utility ini to open the manifest and identify the drivers package. for example:

as you can see, the file contains a list of all the compatible usb interfaces, including the iphone and ipod models. after the list of devices are the versions of the drivers, which contain the device id and the version number of the device. so if you can find the version number for the device you want to install, you can then manually install the.inf file using the windows utility ini.

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Rest assured and spring tests – 404 error on localhost

I am trying to implement web tests with rest assured and spring MVC but the results are not OK
My test works fine with maven and Eclipse but when I run it with maven and m2e I receive 404 error on localhost.
See more details below:
I am using Spring 4.0.6 and Rest assured 1.74
This is my pom.xml:


rest-service Maven Webapp