Soeharto Untold Story Pdf

many members of the pkiwere secretly working for the gerakan for the next five years. tien knew this and warned soeharto against the gerakan. he also warned soeharto that in order to gain the confidence of the gerakan, the army must force tien to leave the presidency and allow soeharto to become the president.

tien was imprisoned for seven years. tien was a very loyal soldier and his intention of eliminating the pki had good intentions, but he used the wrong method. the army should not have involved itself in the political struggle. the army should have dealt with the pki by legal means. when he was arrested, tien was a popular figure and was expected to take over the presidency of indonesia following soeharto’s retirement in accordance with the constitution. the arrest was not based on a true evidence and legal process. tien was detained for seven years without trial and the gerakan succeeded in abolishing the pki.

india and pakistan have a history of mistrusting each others motives. india has been suspecting pakistan of supporting the attack on its sovereignty while pakistan has been suspecting india of supporting the militants.

cerita dari sebuah satu yang dikabarkan orang indonesia adalah perampok besar. transparansi internasional (ti), organisasi internasional yang dikenal luas dengan komitmennya memberantas korupsi, menobatkan bekas presiden soeharto sebagai koruptor paling kaya di dunia. kekayaan soeharto dari hasil korupsi mencapai us$ 15-35 miliar. hasil penjarahan selama 32 tahun berkuasa di indonesia sejak 1967.