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the dpc server transmits the piv card information to the dpc applicant’s piv card, which then forwards the information to the smart card issuer for issuance. the smart card issuer uses the end point’s pin to encrypt the pin-lock. the pin-lock is then encrypted using the pin encryptor option. the pin-lock is then reversed. the pin-lock is stored in the smart card. the pin-lock will be required in the smart card holder’s piv card for future piv card pin attempts. the smart card holder returns the issued smart card to the end point in the dpc. the smart card holder removes the smart card from the dpc kiosk and transmits the smart card to the end point.

the following sections describe the internal smart card detection and fault protection circuitry. the smart card detection circuits provide a hardware interface to a microcontroller. the sequence of detection is as follows:

  1. the pin state is sampled at the microcontroller,

  2. the microcontroller asserts the diag or dummy output depending on the sampled pin state,

  3. the microcontroller polls its input pins to determine if the smart card is present,

  4. if the smart card is present, the diag or dummy output is then deasserted,

  5. if the smart card is not present, the pin state is returned to the previous state,

  6. the microcontroller may then perform its initialization.

the logic to detect the smart card presence is shown in figure 2. in this example, the device logic is encapsulated within the smart card socket. if a card is not present, the pin-to-pin logic for each pin is routed to the microcontroller via a status output. the microcontroller can then determine if the status corresponds to a valid smart card.

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