Siemens Sinamics Starter Software Free Download ‘LINK’


Siemens Sinamics Starter Software Free Download

Siemens SINAMICS SL130 cycloconverter with thyristor stacks are the optimum choice when it comes to continuously controlling the speed of high-rating induction and synchronous motors with a high torque and low stator frequencies. They are implemented as three-phase thyristor bridges in a 6 or 12-pulse connection. Ideally suited for powering mine winders, conveyors, grinding mills and excavators due to is rugged design. The SL130 part number is 6SL3055-0AA00-6AB0.

Siemens SINAMICS PM120 direct-drive motor are the ideal solution for applications in which a powerful drive is required but total mass needs to be minimized. These drives are especially suited for belt drives and can be used with different types of V-belt, timing belts or slide belts. The motor features a maximum speed of 3600 rpm. The primary drive direction is right to left. The primary V-belt pulley is 90 deg in accordance with the motor direction and the secondary V-belt pulley is 180 deg in accordance with the motor direction. A spring tensioner within the motor tends to center the belt on the pulleys.

The SINAMICS DME20 uses the Siemens STARTER software to parameterize and commision drive units. The STARTER commissioning tool can be used for commissioning, testing through a control panel, drive optimization, diagnosing drives, and setting up and running built in safety functions. The tool offers support for various operating wizards, running trace functions to optimize drive controllers, creating and copying data records, loading projects from the programming device to the target device(and vice-versa), along with so much more.

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