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How do I get the MediaElement.js element to auto-play?

I want the onscreen player to play automatically when the page loads, but it seems like this isn’t possible by default in the MediaElement.js player. I have found nothing on this topic in the documentation.
Is there any other way I can achieve this?


You can use the preload and autoplay properties.
The preload property tells the media element to download the video if its not already loaded. This is normally done automatically for the HTML5 video player.
The autoplay property tells the media element to automatically start playing the media once it has loaded.
You can find more on the documentation here.


In addition to preload and autoplay, you can use buffering:
var player;

player = window.mediaselector.createPlayer(‘video/mp4’+’.mp4′);

The preload and autoplay properties set the default values for the network status and other options that the HTML5 video element exposes by default. The buffering property is the only way to explicitly control the progress of a media element.
Here’s a nice illustration of why buffering matters with HTML5 video.


This one works
var mediaElement = window.MediaElementPlayer;

If you also need working webcam use this:
var mediaElement = window.MediaElementPlayer;
var cameras = navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({

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The web server software is probably the most common target of exploits. When hackers make a Web site vulnerable, they can exploit the flaws to inject malicious code or snoop on what users are doing. The problem is, as The Register has written, “a whole new wave of freeware scum is popping up, looking for an easier target.” It’s here where Millan’s findings are difficult to comprehend. He found that 98% of the web sites he visited had some type of buffer overflow, 95% had at least one successful exploit, 68% of the sites had zero or positive security.

On the bright side, Millan found that 1,142 sites are completely vulnerable to attacks, or 1 out of every 10 sites he scanned. The annoying part is that the security holes are hard to find — only 4% of the sites that he visited could be found through Google.

Millan noted that his study was not a technical paper, and that he didn’t try to confirm the holes he reported. “I’m not a network administrator. I just write security-oriented programs that try to find security problems,” he explained. “My job is to find and report the flaws before anyone else does, and I’m trying to do that as fast as possible.”

His screen dump is interesting, and a good primer. And although there may not be a long list of companies to add to your blacklist, this is an interesting study that will help you identify sites and services that you probably don’t want to log onto. Just make sure