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Salaam Chaus How To Succeed Pdf 15

1. use data. successful product teams are rich in data. they draw from their data to learn what the customer wants, and then iterate quickly, focusing on what delivers the most value. when youre working in a product field that isnt historically data-driven, i encourage you to start collecting data. you may not need the full suite of data tools that organizations like google or netflix have, but if youre writing software, there are many tools that will help you test hypotheses, learn from your customers, and youll learn a lot about the industry.

2. communicate. communication is a tricky one in product development. theres not much of a distinction between communication in product and communication in design. you need to communicate your goals, how youre going to make the customer successful, and what that entails.

and i decided to take this approach to my international careers blog in a very literal way. i certainly never expected to meet the man who would become my boss. i didnt know it then, but a few years after i wrote this post, i would be at the annual international women in economics conference in geneva, interviewing him.

singapore is not just a manageable city but its a successful one. despite its small size, it manages to achieve unparalleled levels of economic growth and per-capita incomes. its government has a strong commitment to its citizens and sees education as the best way to create the strong and prosperous society they want. singapore only hires people who are capable of learning. talent is not an accident of birth, it is developed over time through positive mentoring. the country also puts a strong emphasis on developing the softer skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and leadership. its education system allows its students to tailor their learning to their strengths and interests. its diverse society allows them to find roles that suit them and gives them the confidence to try new things and learn something new. so even if you are in a difficult situation, i encourage you to set goals and take initiatives to improve. you can do it!

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