Roblox is an online platform where kids and teenagers create and play games while learning through game play. Content on Roblox is created and managed by users using a drag-and-drop visual programming language, called Bloxy, and is hosted on a central network of servers. To play a game, users’ Roblox accounts are used to log in, and the Roblox program then communicates with the central network. Roblox games are developed by programming with Bloxy, often called Bloxy scripting, in the Roblox IDE.

The games are organized in the Roblox catalog, which contains over 6,000 games as of September 2019. Games can be both free and paid. A player can earn Robux by playing games, either through game play or through activities such as watching ads and searching for Robux. Robux can be used to purchase game content such as additional avatars or costumes and to play premium games in which game developers receive a fixed amount of Robux for each player that plays their game.

Micro-transactions are required to progress through the game. Newer games use a microtransaction system that encourages players to play premium games as the games have the option to lock content behind a certain number of premium games played. Users can also purchase Robux with real-world currency.


The company was founded on February 14, 2004, by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. Both were former interns at Disney Interactive. The early founding members were the only employees of Roblox, who consisted of David, Erik, and three others. After relocating to San Mateo, California, the three grew the team to 10 employees. The first game was uploaded to the Internet on March 31, 2006, and Roblox’s popularity quickly grew. In March 2006, Roblox landed a $20,000 seed investment from AME Cloud Ventures. By May 2007, Roblox had 100,000 registered users.

On April 15, 2008, Roblox unveiled the first version of Bloxy, their drag-and-drop visual programming language.

In 2010, Roblox announced and launched the Roblox Studios team to produce games for the platform. By 2013, the team had reached “400 people, an average of 50 members a year”. The Studios released their first game, Kingdom Rush, on the Apple App Store.

In November 2011, Roblox released Lion King, a second game


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About Robux

Roblox is a family and community-driven massively multiplayer online game that combines the best of immersive worlds with modern features. Built by builders for builders, Roblox is intended to bring people together in a creative and engaging environment. Featuring gameplay that blends together real-world physics and mechanics with immersive fantasy worlds and characters, Roblox allows users to create their own adventures in virtual reality, or teams to take on all sorts of epic challenges in creative modes like Story and Adventure.

Features Of The Roblox

Roblox can be accessed from any device, thanks to their growing mobile portfolio, which now includes apps on both iOS and Android devices.

Roblox has hundreds of thousands of players across multiple platforms.

Roblox’s in-game economy includes a broad spectrum of virtual goods, including microtransactions for cosmetic items, gaming skins, and game items.

Roblox’s gameplay features second screen interaction between players through the options menu and includes


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