Roblox is a website and game platform for children, teenagers, and young adults. The platform is known for being accessible, allowing young users to control the game and assume a variety of different roles. The goal is to encourage creativity and imagination, encouraging children to explore their own interests through exploration. Roblox enables children to create games, socialize with friends, and explore new interests.
There are more than 12 million registered users, mostly under the age of 13, as of September 2017.

The music of Roblox is mainly composed of popular music.


Roblox was developed by David and Erik Cassel, a husband-and-wife team who were inspired by the Garden Web and Mattel’s Bratz dolls. They originally named their new program SuperPets, meaning users would be able to design their own 3D creations. Their prototype was never released in the first year, though the website was still available until August 2019. The next year, the brothers programmed the game at Erik’s parents’ house, where they bought domain names such as,, and After a year, the duo took out a $70,000 seed round of funding from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund. The team’s first release was called Monster Island.


Rising in popularity around 2016, the company began selling subscriptions in late 2017. In May 2019, Roblox was the fifth most popular website among U.S. children ages 2–12, and the top website among them ages 3–8 and 9–12.

Approach to moderation
Unlike many other game platforms, Roblox is a freemium business model which requires its users to be either “freemiums” or pay a subscription to play. Roblox publishes the number of users for each country and for each age bracket, providing a good record of the platform’s progress in popularity. According to its latest annual report, the platform had 1.5 million monthly active users as of June 30, 2015, grew to 4.8 million by the end of 2015, and reached the milestone of 12 million registered users in the first half of 2016.

Adoption of artificial intelligence
In 2018, Roblox released the LUX – Robux Engine, which allows users to add artificial intelligence (AI) to their games. Developers can now create


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