Roblox Corporation is an American global developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online games. Its flagship product is the Roblox virtual world and platform, which was launched in 2005, and has continued to add games to its library ever since. Today, Roblox has over 130 million monthly active users and over 9.4 million registered users. Roblox offers two main modes of gameplay: standard play in which users can create and play games, as well as virtual items and user-created content; and augmented reality play, which allows users to use items in physical games and environments. The Roblox app is also available for smart devices. In 2018, the company surpassed 100 employees.
The Roblox platform was originally designed to allow players to create their own games. The platform provides a drag and drop editor interface where users can code their games. This includes game logic such as object interactions, game mechanics, and game code. They can also construct environments including buildings, vehicles, and creatures. When a user is done building their game, it is uploaded to the Roblox platform for other users to play. Roblox is programmed in the Lua programming language. When users play a game, they can select their gender, race, and clothing for characters. They can also select an avatar for their characters to make their characters more unique. When playing with a friend, users can also select the characters to be controlled. Characters can have many accessories, and these accessories include weapons, items, and clothes. The platform allows users to play in single player modes or in teams of up to eight players. Teams can be friends, family, or random.
In December 2005, Roblox released the Roblox Studio, an application for game developers to create their own games. The Studio is not a game creation platform, but it provides a set of tools to make game development easier. To release their games, developers can use the game submission system. It allows developers to create a free trial for their game, and once they are satisfied with the results, they can release their game via the platform.
A user-created content system is included on the platform that allows players to play Roblox games built by other users. Before 2007, all published content was created by Roblox Studios, but since then, players have been able to contribute to an existing game and the community also has the ability to create new games.
Roblox launched its first official game in 2006, called Spawnalot. The game focused on


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> On Monday 21 October 2004 16:26:48 Markus Duft wrote:
>> Antoni Kampis wrote:
>>> Antoni Kampis wrote:
>>>> Aha! I see. Then there’s something still wrong in my application,
>>>> I just haven’t seen it yet. Forgive me for sounding stupid, but
>>>> I am not familiar with the flow of the application I am modifying.
>>>> One thing I’ve noticed is that the menu has been reloaded at least
>>>> once after the start. Is there some configuration that enables the
>>>> menu to be reloaded after creation?
>>> Aha! I see. Then there’s something still wrong in my application,
>>> I just haven’t seen it yet. Forgive me for sounding stupid, but
>>> I am not familiar with the flow of the application I am modifying.
>>> One thing I’ve noticed is that the menu has been reloaded at least
>>> once after the start. Is there some configuration that enables the
>>> menu to be reloaded after creation?
> That’s correct. I suspect that some part of the menu system code has a
> bug.
> Yes, the menu should only be reloaded after the start (because all views
> need to be created before starting the menu).
> Anyhow, you *shouldn’t* be seeing that happen, because you are using a
> custom view that I had implemented to do exactly this, i.e. to
> synchronize every (externally visible) view after a reload. 😉
> Cheers
> Markus
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