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You can either create a cookie when the user clicks to the link to store the ID of the user, so you don’t have to “redirect” them to the second page;
or you could store the user ID in a hidden field (so the server knows who’s the user clicking the link).
So the last page would be just:

The last page!


her, and she then grabbed the microphone of the mic stand from out of his hand and walked out on him.

Towards the end of the show, Viva Seksi was interviewed. She admitted that she didn’t like being interviewed and that she was scared because she was truly unprepared for the interview. She spent most of the time and the interview standing up. During the show, Viva was interviewed by Letty Crayon, which Kian Soriano (her father) was present during the interview. She admitted that her parents told her to become a singer in the show. He felt bad about the mess between Viva and him.

After the finale of the show, there was a tribute to Maricris Garcia. Viva was very touched by her death and apologised to the viewers and Maricris’ fans. Viva became a member of the WPS.

Later, Vicco Abesamis-Alikpo and the rest of the Viva Seksi girls stayed in the house for a couple of days. After much deliberation, the girl who won the special journey challenge with Maricris Garcia was told that she had to return to her home. She was then told that she would not be leaving any money in the house, and that she must just go. Viva shed a tear when she and the rest of the girls left.

Week 4: Mark and Jessica’s dilemma
Week 4’s Battle Rounds had Viva and Mark as the candidates, who would then be partnered with Jessica.

Battle Rounds

Viva sang “Because of You” by Chris Brown, to compete in Battle Rounds. She

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