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* The length of your echo can be set to 1ms, 2ms, 4ms or 10ms.
* The delay can be counted in steps (1, 2, 4, 8, 16)
* With Hold / Release button the echo can be set with 0-60 sec hold time
* Every step can be set to the different levels: 0-31
* Feedback can be controlled by (0-12)
* Every value can be set to 0-31
Ping Pong Delay Crack is a simple VST plugin with “Kick Ass” sound and easy-to-use controls.
– Patchname = Ping Pong Delay
– Shortcuts = Default
– UI = Auto Save
– VST2 Plugin
– VST3 Plugin
– Audio Unit Plugin
– Free of charge

Free Plugins
– This page is about Free Plugins only

AES-Free Sampler (Sample Modification) (Version 0.4.2)
– Sample Modification
– AES Free
– OP-1

Audiostage Audio Delay VST (Version 1.1)
– Audio Delay VST
– Delay = 30
– Feedback = 0
– LEVEL = 1
Audiostage Audio Delay Description:
* The delay time can be set from 0 to 120ms
* With Push / Pull buttons the delay can be adjusted with 0 to 120ms.
* With ‘Push pull’ buttons the delay can be stepped (0-120ms)
Audiostage Audio Delay is a simple VST plugin with “Kick Ass” sound and easy-to-use controls.
– Patchname = Audiostage Audio Delay
– Shortcuts = Default
– UI = Auto Save
– VST2 Plugin
– VST3 Plugin
– Audio Unit Plugin
– Free of charge

Free VST Plugins
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Air Reverb 2.0 (Version 1.0.3)
– AVAudioSession.h
– AVAudioMixer.h
– AVAudioUnit.h
– AVAudioEffects.h
– AVAudioSession.h
– AVAudioSession.m
– AVAudioMixer.h
– AVAudioUnit.h
– AVAudioEffect.h
– AVAudioEffects.h

Ping Pong Delay Crack Keygen Full Version

1: MUTE = 0; [0=Off, 1=On]
2: DUAL = 0; [0=On, 1=Off]
3: LEVEL = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
4: REVERB = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
5: PING PONG = 0; [0=Off, 1=On]
6: DELAY = [0-200]; [0=Off, 20=10ms, 50=50ms, 90=100ms, 120=200ms, 150=300ms, 200=500ms, 250=1s, 300=3s]
7: REFLECTION = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
8: DAMP = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
9: AGC = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
10: COMPRESS = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
11: PREGATE = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
12: POSTGATE = [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
13: REVERB LFO [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
14: REVERB ENV [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
15: REVERB SETUP [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
16: REVERB WAVE [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
17: REVERB WAVES [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75%, 30=100%]
18: REVERB FILTER [0-100]; [0=Off, 10=50%, 20=75

Ping Pong Delay

The Ping Pong Delay VST is a true-to-the-originals in-the-box reverb module for the DAW, this plugin is a direct port of the original Pulsewave Studio VST by Mr.Beats on Windows and Mac platforms. In the VST interface there are 22 controls to work with the high quality stereo delay, Feedback and Level.
The VST also include Ping Pong Delay and Delay 1 presets for ASIO4ALL compatible.
*Note: The Ping Pong Delay VST will only works with Steinberg’s DAWs such as Cubase or Ableton Live with an ASIO4ALL interface card. The plugin may work in other DAW’s such as ProTools or FL Studio, however it is not guaranteed.
To use Ping Pong Delay in your DAW, please download this ASIO4ALL compatible driver from our website:
About Steinberg DAW:
Steinberg’s DAW products are very known and well-liked for their professional and creative tools. The Steinberg DAW is known to be the most powerful and professional DAW on the market. Steinberg’s DAW product series includes Cubase, Cubase LE, Cubase SX, Cubase AI, Cubase SX2, Cubase 7 and Sonar X1. With Steinberg’s products you can perform and work as a complete musician, engineer or producer.
About Mr.Beats:
Mr.Beats was founded in 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since the beginning Mr.Beats was dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of high quality electronic music related products for the recording, remixing, production and composing communities.
This library developed using the Steinberg DAW Suite which include Cubase, Cubase LE and Cubase AI.
All our libraries can be used for royalty free usage for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
Please contact us for further details or inquiries about the Ping Pong Delay VST.
Please visit our website: and

VST Ping Pong Delay

Live Ping Pong Delay

Fade Ping Pong Delay

This VST Ping Pong Delay plugin is a version of the VST Ping Pong Delay in the original Pulsewave

What’s New In?

This is a simple VST plugin with visual feedback which will do simple bouncing echo’s.
It is recommended that the plug-in is used with the Delay Control above to set the delay you require.
Works in conjunction with VoodooPad.


How to use:
Double click the file to load and start the plugin.
The 2 ping-pong balls will bounce around the screen.
For best visual effects choose: A wide screen of 1680×1050 or higher, 1024*768 or higher, 1152*864
You can use up to 4 track’s simultaneously.
*Note that you can only use the 2 ping-pong balls at once, this means that you have to setup the plugin in 2 instances.
See the Demo Page for more information.


The simple bouncing is done by switching and setting the loops on the bouncing balls.


The effect is created from 2 LFO’s. The first LFO controls the velocity of the ping-pong balls.
The second LFO controls the delay for the bouncing echo.


The ping-pong balls will bounce around the screen, the more loops you have setup, the bigger the size of the balls.
The more loops the bigger the size of the balls, the more delay time, the bigger the balls.
If you are set up to use loops and want the balls to be’stable’ choose a delay time of 3, this will make the balls smaller but for the delay time you will need to be more patience with your beat.


If you set the ping-pong balls to ‘inactive’ and set both LFO’s to ‘off’ they will not move around the screen and you will only hear the sound of the echo.


To hear the ping-pong balls click the ‘play’ button.
To stop click the’stop’ button.
To do ‘Beat Demo’ and run the demo see the demo page.
To see the Demo with visual feedback click the ‘Demo’ button in the bottom right corner.



For updates to this plugin, please visit the plugin’s home page:

This plugin was written by Paul ‘Voodoo-Guru’ Hawker.

See the for other Audio & MIDI VSTs I have written, available for sale.


For 2.5.x VST’s I use the <.vst> or extension.
For the 3.0.x VST’s I

System Requirements For Ping Pong Delay:

OS: Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Processor: Dual Core Intel or AMD processor
4GB of RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with support for hardware acceleration
Hard Drive: 500MB free hard drive space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection