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.[Method of the determination of the octenalemine content in wine].
The analytical determination of octenalemine in wine is based on an extraction of the product with 80% of dichloromethane followed by measurement of the residue by chromatography on silica gel and detection in the UV range (200-280 nm). The chromatographic conditions were as follows: packed column (40 cm x 4 cm); column temperature 23 degrees C; gradient of methanol in tetrahydrofuran (30-50%), pH 8,0 (0.05 M ammonium phosphate buffer), detection, at 210 nm. The recovery of the extraction was measured at 210 nm. The working range was 0.125-2.5 mg/l. Due to the composition of the wine during the process of manufacture, along with the oxidation of the octenyl esters, two types of changes in the ratios of the products were observed. The octenyl esters were quantified by relating the absorbances of the products at 250 nm to those at 210 nm. After the evaluation of the method in analysis of wine samples, it was confirmed that the content of the octenyl esters during wine ageing decreases.Thomas Stokes (art critic)

Thomas Stokes (23 May 1940 – 25 March 2017) was an English art critic and curator.

Born in Gillingham in Kent, Stokes was educated at Medway Grammar School and the Kent Institute of Art and Design. He went on to study French, German and Art History at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He met fellow art historian Roger Fry, the mentor of B. S. Johnson, at Emmanuel and was recruited to the teaching staff of the College after completing his degree. Stokes taught at the University of Western Australia for twenty-six years, in Perth, Western Australia, then at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne from 1996.

Stokes returned to the


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How to set a cookie using AngularJS without the “Strict-Transport-Security” header?

I have searched in the web, but i haven’t found how to set a cookie using AngularJS without the “Strict-Transport-Security” header.
The app that i’m working on is an OAuth2.0 app using Facebook and Twitter.
On those sites, if your app is not secure, you have to set the header “Strict-Transport-Security” in the “Connection” header.
I need to ask why is this header necessary to set cookies without AngularJS?


The problem was that i was trying to use “Document.cookie” in a controller that loads outside of AngularJS, but “Document” is not available here.
I had to use $window.document.cookie instead.

Gastrointestinal tract as a route for HPV vaccination.
A tremendous amount of evidence has shown that human papillomavirus (HPV) is a cause of cervical cancer; there is substantial evidence for an association with rectal and vaginal cancer. The vaccine that protects against the two vaccine types (6, 11, 16, 18) that are implicated in cervical cancer is well tolerated. Long-term safety results in a large vaccine trial in young women suggest that the vaccine has a favourable risk/benefit ratio. Furthermore, the vaccine that protects against the virus that is implicated in anal cancer has been shown to be safe and well tolerated and to be effective. No vaccine has been