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.NET – use one-time password in Windows Authentication

We’re developing a windows application that authenticate it’s own users via the Active Directory. At present, we are using a form of simple username password scheme but I want to implement the one-time password. Basically we are using the “Relying party and Mutual Authentication” model, but I can’t get it working in one of the protocols “Determining and exchanging security contexts”.
I’ll try to describe my scenario:
Assume the user of my application has been validated in a Windows domain and is login in the domain with his personal password. I want to implement the “Token” Exchange. I understood that “Token” exchange will create a security context out of the user authentication and the token. So, I can recover the token information that can be used in the communication to the third party. (like a password)
I am already in the process of doing all the development of the library, but I do not know how to generate and use the token that the application will send to the other party.
Anybody can help me?


I am not familiar with the specific interface(s) you are using but in this SO link: Active Directory Token Generation you can see that you can use the Windows Integrated security protocol with Active Directory. This may be a more automated way to get what you are looking for as the link states:

“The IAM Logon Provider represents the mechanisms that a user must
employ to authenticate to an application in a Windows domain.”

You also want to read this SO link: Windows Authentication: Manually Generated Tokens that may shed some light on how to accomplish the task.

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