Noisereductionplugin20hkeygen HOT!



 -h, --help print help information and exit. -h, --hint use a hint to more easily generate a key. hints have been used to speed up the key generation process in the past. see the script for available hints. if you specify a hint, the command will exit after it has generated the requested number of bits. -i, --input  specify a file to load the keys and other information from. -l, --length  specify the length of the key (in bits). the default is a guess. it is based on the key length for cbc as of 2015-12-20 (204 bits). -q, --quality  specify the quality of the key (0 = best). valid values range from 0-100. the default is 80. -q, --quality-hint  use the specified quality hint to more easily generate a key. -r, --rate  specify the expected key rate of the key (in bits/sec). this is the number of bits of key to be generated in the next second, or the number of times the key will be generated per second. the key is generated at the specified rate. -r, --rate-hint  use the specified rate hint to more easily generate a key. -s, --secret  specify the secret key that will be used to perform the encryption. this value can be a file name or a |-separated list of files. for key files, each file is loaded and a hash is generated. for "secret=file" a hash is generated from the input filename.

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