My Zoom allows changing and saving the documents zoom:
Ctrl+Shift+mouse wheel zoom in/out,
Ctrl+Shift+middle mouse button zoom to 100%,
Ctrl+middle mouse button save current zoom.
Supported languages: English and Russian.


Download 🔗 DOWNLOAD

Download 🔗 DOWNLOAD






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I just discovered that Zoomify on my Android tablet is a very nice and free tool which can be used to zoom in and out on many documents including maps, spreadsheets, presentations.
Here is a link to the Play store with more info on the apps features:

Please try it out and let me know if you find it useful and have any problems with it!


Xournal is a open source and free program that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, and has the ability to zoom in and out.
A good alternative is HotKeys

Families across the province are facing a four-month shutdown of schools as the battle over a funding model for education enters a second day.

The Nova Scotia government was given an extension on Wednesday to find a way to pay teachers and support staff without piling on costs to school boards, but time is running out.

On Tuesday, the Progressive Conservatives announced they were cutting school boards an average of $100,000.

Teachers had already been bracing for a 16-day strike over job security, which became a 16-day walkout this week when the government announced it was firing the deal struck between the province and teachers.

Nova Scotia Teachers Union President Liette Doucet said the teachers are willing to negotiate, but in the meantime, they’re prepared to go on a job action to protect the students.

“That’s what we’re asking for now. We want to ensure that our students get the education they need,” she said.

“We’re prepared to work, we’re prepared to talk.”

Teachers are currently shut out of the school system because they’ve been on strike since Monday.

The schools themselves won’t be open for the next four months. There will be summer school for kids, but they won’t be in the classroom.

“These are tense, these are anxious times for our students,” said Jason Markham, the president of the Nova Scotia School Boards Association.

“What we’re trying to do is help support our local school boards and our teachers and our support staff so that they can remain in the classroom with our kids.”

Dealing with kids is not a problem, said Markham,

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ALT+SPACE : zoom in,
ALT+SHIFT+SPACE : zoom out,
ALT+SPACE : zoom to 100%,
SHIFT+SPACE : zoom to 1%.
KEYMACRO Description:
F2 : change the language,
F3 : save current zoom,
F4 : open folders.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+8 : open the TOC.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+7 : print a page.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+6 : print a page to a file.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+5 : open the help.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+4 : open the settings.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+3 : change the view.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+2 : show the columns.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+1 : open a view.
KEYMACRO Description:
NUMPAD+0 : open the zoom.
KEYMACRO Description:
TAB : toggle between sections and subsections.
Keymacro Description:
CTRL+F6 : open the Search box.
KEYMACRO Description:
SHIFT+F6 : search the current folder.
KEYMACRO Description:
CTRL+F5 : open the Attachments.
KEYMACRO Description:
SHIFT+F5 : find the attachments in the current folder.
KEYMACRO Description:
CTRL+F4 : open the bookmark.
KEYMACRO Description:
SHIFT+F4 : find the bookmarks in the current folder.
KEYMACRO Description:
CTRL+F3 : open the address bar.
KEYMACRO Description:
SHIFT+F3 : open the address bar in the current folder.
KEYMACRO Description:
CTRL+F2 : open the Address book.
KEYMACRO Description:
SHIFT+F2 : open the Address book in the current folder.
KEYMACRO Description:
CTRL+F1 : open the Date menu.
KEYMACRO Description:
SHIFT+F1 : open the Date menu in the current folder.
KEYMACRO Description:
CTRL+F0 : open the Time menu.
KEYMACRO Description:
SHIFT+F0 : open the Time

My Zoom X64

Zoom to 100% document.
with mouse wheel, it is also possible to zoom in/out.
I saved a zoom to 100% from zoom: 1 to zoom: 100.
If I zoom to zoom: 1 again, it’s restored to zoom: 1, but not to zoom: 100.
I can’t save the zoom value, because the zoom doesn’t change, but the zoom is still set to zoom: 100.
How can I solve this problem?


The zoom is saved to a *.zoom file in the same folder as the document itself.
You can either change the zoom by opening the document, right-clicking, click open with… and selecting another zoom.
Or you can change the zoom to the desired value (for example, 1) and save the file as *.zoom and then change the zoom value to 100 in the *.zoom file.


Proving $V(AB) \subseteq V(A) + V(B)$

Prove: if $V(AB) \subseteq V(A) + V(B)$ for two subspace $A$ and $B$ of $\mathbb{R}^n$, then $V(AB) = V(A) + V(B)$

I know it can be proved by rank nullity theorem.
However, I wonder if it’s possible to prove it without using the theorem.


Let $v\in V(AB)$, then $v\in V(A)\cap V(B)$ because $AB\subseteq A\cap B$, hence $v\in V(A)+V(B)$.
Conversely, let $v\in V(A)+V(B)$, then there exists $u\in A,w\in B$ such that $v=u+w$, but then $AB\subseteq A\cap B$, therefore $v\in V(AB)$.

Saturday, July 26, 2011

As I promised, here is the finished table in one of the commission – legs are made from ash and the top is MDF. The glass for the candle rests on top of it. The white and beige background of the table are actually the front of a dark wooden board.

I will be making more tables for

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