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MUSLIM PRO 2019 APK Torrent

muslims must perform their namaz and duas through the app. it has a comprehensive list of all the mantras as well. and another good thing is the app also includes a built-in dictionary, so you can easily and accurately understand the meaning of the words related to your namaz and duas. however, you cant use the app for anything else other than your religion. it contains the complete quran with 40+ languages so you can take a read in the manner or language most comfortable to you.

muslims are the most complicated persons in the world. thats why muslim pro provides them with the best guidance. along with the timings, it includes the islamic calendar, the hijri calendar, easy al-quran settings, an easy-to-see prayer calendar, the arabic alphabet, and an easy-to-read english translation. however, you cant ask the app any questions. for this, youll need to head to their official website.

there are many muslims in the world who can not go to mosques every day because of various reasons. they would be happy to have a complete guide to the mosques in their locality, so they may not miss out on any aspect of their religion. so here is the app for them. muslim pro provides their location with eta estimate, along with the nearest mosque with offers to complete your prayers. and it also features a prayer reminder feature as well.

in this years muslim pro, you can see, every day, the whole quran with a new translation in a day. along with the complete quran, it provides all the alternate verses of different chapters. with this feature, you can easily find the verse or chapter youre looking for, and then decide to read only that.

furthermore, to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle, you can now relax yourself in an open city park or even in an open space in your hometown, using the online baitul maal application. through this, you can use your mobile device to seek prayers and also request allah to be with you.
to make the fullest use of the features that have been introduced in this latest version, you can now also use the inbuilt search feature to find any particular prayer ritual, ritual recitation, or even perform a qibla journey. plus, you can now get the ramadan prayer time guide and all the ramadan special features explained. here, you can schedule your ramadan fasting time, and you can also get the correct start date for the fasting month and whether you can do iftar meal or not. and, all of this can be done regardless of the time zone that you are in.
and to offer you more comprehensive religious features, the latest islamic mobile app has the quran recitation and abwab feature. hence, you can now recite the holy quran alongside any of the following prayers: fajr, asr, maghreb, and ishaa or even after the prayer time. you can choose to listen to the holy quran in any of the four languages. that is, in english, arabic, pashto, and urdu. therefore, you can now listen to the holy quran in any of the four languages, whenever you want.
to help you make a perfect prayer time, as well as most importantly, to know your prayer direction, muslim pro offers customized prayer routes that are tuned to the direction of your city. but, there is another very useful feature that a lot of muslim apps lack. unlike other apps, this one will also give you an estimate of your prayer completion based on the time and distance you travel.