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We can observe that the result from this element is the same, which means that the value of both elements are exactly the same.
In case of the same string with more than one character then the output will be like

as you can notice that the result has ‘–’ instead of ‘.’ (dot)
The other problem I am facing is in case of having the string having values like 2.343, 3.345 etc.
In this case I need to get the numeric part of the string.


regexp ‘MicrosoftToolkit264OfficialTorrentSerialKey’


PS> [regexp].Matches(‘MicrosoftToolkit264OfficialTorrentSerialKey’)

regexp -version


regexp “MicrosoftToolkit264OfficialTorrentSerialKey”

PS> [regexp]::Matches(‘MicrosoftToolkit264OfficialTorrentSerialKey’)

(**) if you want to match the. use [regexp]::regexp


AngularJS not working on local server

AngularJS is not working when placed on a server. The page loads as expected, but the dropdown works and nothing else happens.
Here’s the index.html file

Argylls Bank Dashboard;


This is the expected behavior of the DELETE_AFTER command

DELETE_AFTER — Deletes the row after the current row. With this command you always remove the current row and the next row. After the command, there is no next row!

It is also possible to remove the last row which can lead to unexpected results if the number of rows in your table is large.
Btw the default behavior of DELETE_BETWEEN is to delete the current row and the next row. It can be changed via the ROW_COUNT_AFTER property.


CakePHP 3 : How to call model associated with an element?

I have a function in my component which call an element containing a set of data from the database:
$settings = \debug\engine\enqueue(‘Store::settings’,’get_all’);

Here, ‘get_all’ is a method which return an array of data like this:
‘Name’ => ‘Some Name’,
‘Password’ => ‘Some Password’

When I print_r($settings), I get a result like this:
[appid] => 66
[appid_id] => 1
[appname] => Post E-commerce
[date_pub] => 2017-06-29
[logo_id] => 1
[logo_img] => Some logo file path
[logo_path] => Some logo file path
[logo_ext] =>.png
[logo_thumb] => ‘No Logo’
[logo_img2] => ‘No Logo’
[logo_thumb2] => ‘No Logo’
[url] => Some_url
[website] =>
[language] => en
[email] => Some Email address

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