Little Girls Blue 2 DVDRip [1983] [BEST]

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Little Girls Blue 2 DVDRip [1983]

In the story, the daughter of a widower, Marietta Blue, is the only child in an unhappy and troubled family. She is lovingly brought up by her older stepsister, Anastasia. The two girls’ lives are changed when Anastasia’s late mother asks Marietta to look after her tombstone and her wedding ring. After the mother’s death, Marietta’s father remarries and her new stepmother forces the girls to attend the same teachers and schools. The stepmother tries to force Marietta into a relationship with a fifteen-year-old boy, Nick Stark, but when Nick actually falls in love with Marietta, the stepmother becomes jealous. When Marietta becomes engaged to Nick, her stepsister Anastasia befriends a young man, Jimmy.

The plot is pretty much the definition of a cyberpunk narrative. The heros preppier sister and her fellow government infiltrator are on the run after Roxy and her gang of rebels’ previous attack forces the closing of a secret love-slave labor camp. There’s also an evil corporation, non-human corporate agents, and a perfectly ridiculous romance between a tree girl and a blue furry girl.

The art direction and color is divine. The first hour of the film is jam-packed with images that will fire you right up, whether you know who Kate Bush is or not. However, the last hour or so has lost some of its luster as it becomes a little predictable. But that could be what audiences, who have always craved the sexy and subversive, wanted in the first place.

After Blue, the last film Christopher Walkens been in, is a cinematic auteur you must know. His singular voice strikes me as being one of pure sensibility. Even for a film like this, the same amount of focus is applied to the settings, and to the characters in those settings. Its really beautiful to see. That said, I wouldnt suggest watching this movie if you expect a rich filmography like Walkens. The bits where he gets to move around are the best.

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This is one of the best films I’ve seen. It’s won all kinds of awards. A little girl and her mother move into a new apartment, but there are lots of problems. There is nothing less interesting to me than a lot of “adult” language and adult content, but this film is different. It’s a look into the depths of the psyche of a little girl, her fears and her situation.
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