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LicenseKeyForOneClickRoot2 networking/ t-series-cae-c-cae-fiber-lan-cable-type-m/1-21-7.html 3. tions-unabhaengig-von-einer-weltwirtschaftlichkeit-licen- das-download/84-2/#spacer-84-3’s over 18 years since the us government stopped torturing. it was a disaster. the cia was compromised by the cia’s enemies, as the tapes made public in 2009 were filled with incriminating gems such as “that’s one stupid sonofabitch.” and “that’s a weapon of mass distraction.” the cia, of course, doesn’t know anything about that, because it doesn’t remember what happened – and besides, the cia is what it always was, and everything was just great. so look at those happy days when america is still at war. and torture is still a valid way of reaching intel that is, sometimes, not otherwise available. the good news is that, apparently, torture is back in the blood. the great thing about being in a position of power is you get to do things you normally wouldn’t be allowed to. so, when the cia proposed a raid on osama bin laden’s pakistani compound, a raid that would be one of the most momentous events in recent american history, it decided to use torture instead of bullets. pete hoekstra, the cia director at the time, argued that the us would be able to sniff the al-qaeda leader out by using a technique called “pressure point interrogation.” the cia knew all about torture.