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Left 4 Dead No Steam Patch 1.0 1.4

hello, i downloaded the no steam patch but when i try to go into the multiplayer, it says that it can’t find steam servers. i was using the beta version and it worked fine, but now it doesn’t. i think i might have messed up something on my computer and i don’t know how to fix it. any help would be much appreciated.

i just got the left 4 dead 2 no steam patch 1.4 and it works great but i’m using the beta build and when i go to go into multiplayer it says it can’t find a steam group. is there something that i need to do to be able to join multiplayer games. i’m using the beta on my computer.

i have been playing left 4 dead 2 on my windows 7 pc. the game was working fine until yesterday, when my game crashed with the error message “could not load library steamclient.dll. has the operating system or antivirus software disabled this file?”. after that, the game will only load the first level of the single-player campaign. i tried deleting the files with the.exe extension, and reinstalling the game, but with no luck.

when i press the multiplayer button in l4d2, it says: “could not load library steamclient.dll. has the operating system or antivirus software disabled this file?” i’ve tried reinstalling the game, but nothing changes. is there a way to fix it?

in your steam library click on “game content” and then “local content” (or “documents and settings/yourusername/local_content”, depending on your account settings) then click on “view local files” then click on “go to folder” then select the folder that your left 4 dead 2 directory is in, and click “go” then you should be able to see your left 4 dead 2 directory in the “local content” folder

ok, so i was able to get into my game directory and it had a steam_appid.txt file. i was able to start the game from the game directory. however when i open up the game in the steam client it still has the same problems i had before. what did work was to right click on the game and select launch in steam. this worked just fine. the issue appears to be a steam issue. if this turns out to be true, i will post a tutorial on how to launch the game directly from steam. in the meantime i recommend adding a script that launches the game from inside the game directory.
to grab the patches: right click on the patch file and choose properties. change the group to sf and the permission to r-x. save the patch somewhere. you can now place it at any point on your system, such as in the game folder.
if you are on ubuntu and can’t launch the game with the above errors, try removing the console from.bashrc. it will prevent the game from trying to load the console settings (which is failing due to error in loading glib).
if you are experiencing heavy lag (less than 1fps) or the game crashes on startup, try adding the following paths to ld_preload: ‘/usr/$lib/ /usr/$lib/libxcb.1 /usr/$lib/libgpg-error./ /usr/lib32/libstdc++.6 /usr/lib32/libopenal.1’. [5] [ dead link 2021-05-17]
are we sure all things are equal i have installed the game from scratch, used the same patches as in the guide, and i had no problems hosting or joining other peoples servers. ask the people in the chat room for real time help. maybe when i get back next week i can show you when i host that yes, this does work.