Every person connected to the Internet is there thanks to a web browser. There is a breathtaking amount of choices and Kryptonite is one of them. It's specially designed to offer an alternative to conventional applications used around the world, with a familiar feel about it.
Visit multiple pages simultaneously
Seeing how the Internet provides nearly anything of need, ranging from entertainment to business, surely the support of multiple tabs is a big advantage. These can easily be created by the press of a button and arranged in any desired way.
For enhanced ease of access, you are given the possibility to bookmark favorite pages and display them in a dedicated toolbar. Unfortunately, managing is limited, because you can only add and quickly access them, with no implemented function that allows you to save in folders or arrange them in the toolbar.
Set a starting and home page
Browsing through the options menu brings up several settings with which you can enhance browsing experience. In case you consider it a worthy utility, you can set it as your default browser. Moreover, several search engines, media and news sites can be set to quickly find desired info.
The “Home” button can be toggled on an even set to a custom web page. When launching the application, you can either choose to automatically be taken to the home page or the last browsing session, but unable to add a custom link.
Block content and pop-ups
Integrated features give you the possibility to be a little on the safe side. Specific web pages can be added to a list to prevent inappropriate content from accidentally appearing on your screen. Additionally, with the press of a button pop-ups are a nuisance no more.
Good but far from perfection
Even though integrated functions make it similar to some of the most commonly used browsers, it is a little rough around the edges. With a strong Internet connection, content still loads a little slow, and pages often seem to get stuck when loading.
In conclusion
To sum it up, Kryptonite is a good looking package filled with potential. It features nearly anything you need to access favorite pages, keep track of them with a history manager, and bookmark them for quick access. Ignoring minor glitches and the slightly slow speed, it makes for a good alternative if you're looking for a change.







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Browse the Web and easily add your favorite web pages to a list for quick access. Kryptonite gives you the ability to get fast access to your favorite web pages via bookmarking or pasting a list of sites.
Kryptonite makes browsing fun and convenient by giving you the ability to look at the sites you’ve bookmarked without having to search, and with the press of a button copy a web page’s address or paste a list of sites.
Kryptonite can be used as a way to bookmark your favorite sites or create lists of sites you want to look at later, but you can also make a list of sites you want to never visit again.
With Kryptonite, it’s simple and fun to go back and forth between two web sites – without having to click a separate bookmarking button for each site.
The real power of Kryptonite comes when you’re on a web site and want to copy the page’s address, or paste a list of sites you want to visit in the future.
With the press of a button, Kryptonite instantly copies the address or pastes a list of sites, saving you time and hassle.
Kryptonite combines bookmarking with list copying and pasting in one simple, fast app. Bookmarking the sites you visit saves you time and hassle as you’re not required to remember how to find sites you’ve previously visited.
Kryptonite is a great way to quickly save favorite sites for quick access without having to look them up in a bookmarks folder.
-See the previous bookmarks, or add a new one instantly
-Lists can be copied or pasted instantly
-Kryptonite opens your last browsing session by default, but can be made to open the last page
-Use the search function to quickly find a site
-Ignore tabs, as you can see them and navigate in the same window
-Kryptonite can set itself as your default browser
-Search the web and quickly bookmark the sites you’ve visited with a button press
-Kryptonite has many useful features
-Download a list of sites from the web, or paste a list of sites right into Kryptonite
-Use the built-in search feature to quickly find a site
-See the previous bookmarks, or add a new one instantly
-Lists can be copied or pasted instantly
-Kryptonite opens your last browsing session by default,

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Kryptonite is the highly portable solution for online users. It has been developed with the intention to be a quick alternative to the standard browser. It aims to support all most popular web browsers with features found in them, while offering the ability to add and manage links. Kryptonite is a light weighted application that is good looking and easy to use. Kryptonite features are as follows:
Kryptonite includes a bookmark manager. If you wish to save favorite web pages, simply add the link of the site that you wish to bookmark. A bookmark can be quickly accessed by clicking the button or by pressing the right mouse button.
Kryptonite has a history manager. It will allow you to view and arrange your bookmarks. The history manager will be as easy as adding and managing a bookmark.
Support for many web browsers:
Kryptonite works with most popular web browsers. From MS Explorer to Google Chrome and Safari, Kryptonite will work with any of them.
Kryptonite has a favorites feature which works similar to the history manager. It will let you add and arrange your favorites.
Kryptonite has a theme feature that helps you customize your browser to your liking. It will let you add new skins, add button to a toolbar and change the background color and more.
Natively supports a large number of file formats:
Kryptonite is equipped with its own web browser and can support the most common files on the web. It will support MS Office documents, PDFs, JPG, GIF and more.
Pricing and Availability:
Kryptonite has been developed as a free program. It can be downloaded from the official website of Kryptonite. Kryptonite is equipped with a seven-day trial version. After downloading, simply run the setup and install the application. Kryptonite is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Russian languages.

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What’s New In?

Today’s world is one in which we have to rely on the Internet to do everything. No matter how secure our systems are or how many preventions we put in place, when the Internet is down there is nothing we can do to stop it. But if you use Kryptonite then you can keep up with your daily activities, whether it’s banking, email, or just surfing the web.
Kryptonite aims to be the fastest browser on the planet. With a few mouse clicks you can open up several pages at the same time with a variety of tools, you can set it as your default browser, and you can even bookmark your favorite web pages, or even set up a home page. You can even block content and popups if you so desire.

Finally, you can now view multiple pages at the same time with the clear, user friendly interface.

Kryptonite Pro Features:
• Block Pop-up Ads:
Get the ultimate protection from pop-up ads, stop ads and redirects to the same pages.

• Automatic Home Page:
Set the home page for the browser. This feature enables you to easily navigate the web through your favorite pages.

• Bookmarking Tools:
Manage your bookmarks through the bookmarking tool, create folders and make notes on them.

• History Manager:
Capture and manage history of all your visited web pages.

• History browser tool:
Save the page history as a document.

• Multiple pages browsing:
Open multiple pages simultaneously with the clear, user friendly interface.

• Bookmarking Toolbar:
Create your own toolbar and bookmark web pages easily.

• Anti Malware:
Get the most updated antimalware and add-on for your device with Kryptonite Pro.

• Search Engine Support:
Kryptonite Pro supports all the most popular search engines like Yahoo!, Google, Bing, and others.

• User Profile:
Enable or disable several features depending on your profile.

• Browser Acceleration Tools:
Eliminate the lag time between pressing the keyboard and the web page loading.

• Easily access to passwords:
Manage your passwords quickly and easily.

• Secure Browsing:
Get all your needed protection for your secure browsing.

• Support for all devices:
Kryptonite will work on all devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Kindle, BlackBerry, and others.

• Full feature list is available on the Android market.

• Access to the most updated Kryptonite Pro features.

What’s New in Kryptonite v3.9.1:
• Fixed issue with password file
• Few other bug fixes

Kryptonite v3.9.1:
New features in Kryptonite Pro:
• Download manager (Krypt


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Processor: 3 GHz Dual Core or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Processor: 2 GHz Quad Core or equivalent