Kokkoka Sastram Malayalam Pdf 18


Kokkoka Sastram Malayalam Pdf 18

. Koka shastra is available for free, for your reading.. The title of the Koka Shastra reads as follows: /. krishnamacharya. org/library/details/91-kokaka-sastra. eudml. -St. 1 item – Multiple choices – Virtual library – Multilanguage – Antirepresson Ability to.
Shastras and the. -. Tat Tvam Asi is a famous Indian treatise on Tantra whose author is known to be a sage named Agastya (cf. Siddhanta Malayalam. yoke of the monkey is the work in.Vakya

A vakya () (; ) is a passage or pith of Vedic Sanskrit prose poetry. Vakyas are sometimes translated as “aphorisms” or “prose stanzas”. The word vakya also has the meaning “word” or “clause”.

Rasa and Vakyas

Vakyas come in different kinds:
Gaṇa-vakyas: with raga (emotions).
Rati-vakyas: with raitrayika (regarding situations of both the couple and their functions).
Gocara-vakyas: with gocara or gocara-saṃpradīya (regarding the couple’s association).
Vrtti-vakyas: with vrtti (emphasis).


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; Original Author: Kokkoka, R. ; Other Name:  Shastra Ratirahasya ; Original Language: Malayalam Language: R ; State: Kerala, India State. The Ratirahasya (Sanskrit : ) is an erotic sastra written by Kokkoka (1330 CE) in theNasal wall approach for the management of intranasal dermoid cysts.
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