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How can I find out if a word is a proper noun in Swift?

How can I find out if the word in my string is a proper noun like “Senator” or “RUSSIA”?


You could use the NSWorkspace’s NSURLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier: method to find the application ID for the particular application. Then try matching that against a dictionary of known abbreviations for applications in the sandbox.
You can get the sandbox identifier on iOS 7 and later in /Applications//Library/Preferences/com.apple.environments.sandbox.plist. The ID of the sandbox gets stored in the com.apple.environments.app-sandbox-identifier-key key and is the 4-byte UUID that you’re looking for.
Here’s how you get the identifier:
func getUbiquityContainerIdentifier() -> String {
var eid = “”
let eid_path = “/Applications//Library/Preferences/com.apple.environments.sandbox.plist”
if let path = NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace.



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What are the pros and cons of JRuby vs. IronRuby vs. CLR vs. Mocha vs. Rake?

I am wondering what the pros and cons are of using JRuby, vs. IronRuby, vs. CLR (Common Language Runtime), vs. Mocha, vs. Rake. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each tool?


In no particular order:

JRuby is cross platform
IronRuby is cross platform
CLR is cross platform
Mocha is cross platform
Rake can do things Mocha can’t and vice versa.

IronRuby is much more recent and up to date than JRuby, so it’s got more in the way of extra features. JRuby’s performance advantage is dwarfed by the speed of IronRuby and the fact that it’s cross platform.
IronRuby is more powerful than JRuby and Mocha will work with it, but they don’t provide as much bang for the buck as Rake.
Rake has the ability to work with different languages (Ruby, Ruby based, C or C++), provides an easy GUI interface and is very flexible. It’s great for those who need to write a quick and dirty script but don’t have the time or inclination to learn a language or framework.
A number of people like Mocha. It has a number of different testing frameworks in one tool, so you can use them all at the same time. That can be a nice feature and a bad feature. It’s built to handle Rails, but doesn’t handle all the areas that Mocha is a general testing solution.
You’ve got your choice of PLATFORMS. Don’t be afraid to use the same technology and use the cross platform quality of the tool.


Personally, I think JRuby is great, and should be your number-one choice.
Both JRuby and IronRuby are actively developed and supported, and JRuby is designed to work well with J2EE.
As for Mocha, it’s mentioned in the bottom half of the Wikipedia page for Mocha, so I’m assuming it’s not much more than an