Iro Ragnarok Failed To Connect To Patch Server

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Iro Ragnarok Failed To Connect To Patch Server

If you’d like to see your Achievement/Trophy for MW2 in-game immediately, send an email to with screenshot of your in-game Achievements/Trophy and a screenshot of the trophy menu. After that, a staff member will tell you how to get access to the achievements. Tiger must then activate the achievement, remove the achievement code (most likely attached to your PSN ID) from MW2 and add it to RG. After, it will be available for you to see in-game.

Bungie is officially announcing the latest patch for the game, which had pretty bad connectivity problems for all beta testers and now should be fixed. We will have the details in the next few days.

The new patch is called the 1.6.2 update, where the 1 is the updated build version, and the 2 the date of the patch. The 1.6.2 Patch is the major update, which includes the latest multiplayer fixes and balance tweaks. The beta, which is what it was really been, simply focused on that, and is now over.

People who can’t even play the beta can still download the patch here. Its important that you download it and install it, so it can be used for connecting to the server instead of the official servers. You can download the 1.6.2 patch here. Be sure to read the important information after the download link. Its safe to say that most of you will already have it installed by the time you read this.

Anyone who had the problems with the Private match were able to report it to the website as a bug (not sure what the bug is/was). Basically if you tried to do a private match, you would get a message saying “You are not connected to the server”. Anyway, it appears like most of the fixes went into the 1.6.0 patch, and that fixes Private Matches, Group Matches, Lobby Matches, Rival Matches and Clan Matches.

if you are having this issue, try to find out which grf to grf filter update has caused the issue. if you can find out which filter it is, you can try to roll back to the previous filter, and if you cant, it would mean it is a server or client bug.
if you can find out the grf filter you need, you can try to install and update that specific filter. you can do so by finding the version number of your filter (which you can find by going to the menu options, then options, then ‘filters’ then ‘about filters’ then’version’), un-installing that filter, then downloading the new grf and installing it. this way you can roll back your filter if something breaks.
another way to fix this problem is to use the alternative instructions page. while these don’t work in grf diet plan, they should work in sakray (the client program i am using). they are very simple and are as follows:
1. install sakray. make sure the installeddir path is set to where sakray is installed, and not the standard directory for sakray (c:\program files\sakray\sakray.exe). this is important because the client reads the sclientinfo.xml file from here. the sclientinfo.xml file will have the hostname and port number for the server you are trying to connect to. those values will be missing in sakray’s sakray.exe. so if you installed sakray in the standard directory, you will need to copy the sclientinfo.xml file to the correct path (see step 2 above).
because many ideas, patches and changes to this version were made since release of 1.3.0, there might be some issues in there, as it’s almost certain that that release has some bugs as well. short description of those is: random bar ads as well as a few other minor things. as for surprises, this new edition of 1.0 will feature patch data (ipatch) support. i know they’re not that big fans of it, but it’s a fact.