*Roblox is the worlds largest online game platform. Users can create their own games or play games created by other users. Each game is accessed by users through a web browser.
*Roblox has over 10 million users, half of whom are under the age of 10. Children, under the age of 13, are not permitted to play all games.
*The developers have focused on simple/easy game building, with over 700 templates for the user to choose from.
*In 2013, Roblox introduced “character slots”, which can be used to make custom characters that the owner can then customize with clothing and props in order to make them look unique.
*With over a million developers, each with their own unique design aesthetic, Roblox game play offers thousands of hours of free games.
*The developer community of Roblox makes use of the in-game [Robux]( which is a virtual currency used to purchase in-game content, known as [Robux Packs].
*In-game content features a variety of items, such as vehicles, costumes, guns, animals, and more.
PaxWorld is the world’s first massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) sandbox game. It launched on January 16, 2010 and became free to play in May 2011. The game is set in a Virtual world called Sia, created by the user. Players can set the scale from 1m to 1 km across.

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Shroud has the unusual ability to instantaneously switch from Defender to any other class,

The relatively long cooldown of magic increased his survivability

He has a rather high health pool which allows him to sustain the most damage possible (this is his main advantage over the other three)

A mid-tier power rating, allowing him to counter multiple classes without difficulties

Lava Blast (set to 2) – Fire explosion which also damages the ground around it. (damage is proportional to its spread)

Molten Punch (set to 2) – Fire explosion which also damages the ground around it

A Hyper Ion Burst (set to 0) – A combined explosion which does damage to all nearby enemies (for an appropriate number of rounds per second)

Magic Shield (set to 8) – Shielding spell that deals damage to the player and neutral enemies

Partnership Support (set to 5) – Applies a buff to all allies on the battlefield

The Roman General (set to 5) – Shifts back into a defensive stance, granting all allies with bonus health and attack power

The Disciplinarian (set to 9) – Shifts into an offensive stance, granting all allies with bonus attack power and damage resistance

Protect the Raxxo (set to 8) – a shield that protects the Raxxo from all damage

Cut the Ceilidh Short! (set to 6) – While in the defensive stance, the partnership aid summons a robot to attack nearby enemies (for the appropriate duration)

Powerful Magic (set to 8) – Boosts the Magic Power skill level of all allied units

Powerful Attack (set to 10) – Boosts the Attack Power skill level of all allied units

Noble Knight (set to 10) – A knight who utilizes Noble Phantasm, unleashing a powerful magical attack on all nearby enemies

Flame Bombers (set to 7) – A death streak that deals damage to all nearby enemies

Heroic, Partner Support (set to 9) – Applies a buff to the player and all allies

Heroic, Tower Support (set to 10) – Applies a buff to the tower and all


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