Roblox Corporation is an American company that is a leading creator and operator of multiplayer game platforms, known for its business model of free-to-play with optional virtual items and services sold for real money. Founded in November 2005 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, the company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and also operates offices in Dallas, New York, London and Tel Aviv.

Roblox, a virtual world for games, allows players to create their own content and build with a democratized game design system. Join players from all over the world in Roblox games, whether they’re shooting up zombies with other players or racing down a snowy mountain side with their friends.
Roblox has been downloaded more than 5 billion times. Currently there are over 130+ games on Roblox. Games include;
animation (regions, vehicles, characters, and props)
art (art packs, characters, and props)
entertainment (hundreds of thousands of interactive animations)
Roblox allows kids to get into the hobby of programming games and play with friends in a fun, safe environment. Players can even learn and use essential technology concepts as they build and design their own games.
When you join Roblox, you play for free. All you need is a free Robux account with no in-app purchases.
Other businesses
Roblox is a media company that builds games in addition to other entertainment products including:
Roblox Studios
Roblox is an iOS and Android video game developer. Their first game, 1000 Blocks, was released in 2012. Roblox has been developing more games for the iOS and Android platforms, including Pet Rescue Saga and the MMO Mystery Case Files.
A crowdfunding website for game developers, Playraiser, was launched by Roblox in late 2016. Roblox supported fundraising efforts by both game developers and streamers. The program allowed artists, writers, and other game content creators to create content and sell it through the platform. In January 2018, Playraiser closed.
Roblox Studios is an outsourcing center that provides game development services to game developers in a variety of languages. Roblox Studios began to operate in March 2015 when it was renamed from the Roblox Gaming Service. Roblox Studios is best known for developing mobile games like The Dress Shop, Supercell’s Clash of Clans, and Cartoon Network


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