Roblox is a sandbox video game development platform created in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in which users can build their own games through programing, using visual programming, or by creating user made content. The games built on Roblox are hosted online and are playable on any web browser as well as mobile and desktop clients.
Getting Started with Roblox
Roblox has two different components: the platform for users to build games, and the games themselves. The platform’s “GUI” allows users to create both worlds and game types. The “world” is where the user builds the game, and the “game type” is what the user must use to build the game. To play a Roblox game, users simply download and launch the client software that connects to their Roblox account and loads the user created game.
There are 4 different primary components to Roblox:
Builds allow users to program games.
Worlds are the spaces where users build their games.
Users create their own content for worlds and games.
Players download and launch the clients to play a game.
At its core, Roblox is a game creation system that allows users to build their own games and play the games they’ve built. Creating a game is a matter of dragging objects to a canvas, hooking them up to event handlers and logic, and applying the visual style for the game. Players download an app to play the game, and Roblox takes care of launching the game.
Roblox is designed to make creating games easy and fun. Creating a game is as simple as dragging objects to a canvas, and launching the game is as simple as downloading the app and launching the game type. There are no complicated menus, logins, or downloads required.
Roblox uses a sandbox model for games. For example, a game built by user Bob contains only the objects and behavior that user Bob chose to add. Other users of the platform may not have the ability to see Bob’s game, or any of the user data (including the account he logged in under) that he supplied in order to make the game.
Roblox Games
A game built using Roblox is called a “Roblox game.” All Roblox games are playable online via the Roblox website, via web browser, and via mobile and desktop clients.
Roblox games


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Aug 15, 2017 · The Bot Generator for the GUTS game. This might be the best bot to use. It allows you to generate free robux on a daily basis. Also, you can be certain that you are safe when using it, as you have to verify your identity every time you use it.Image caption The money in the Fáilte Ireland/Harry’s campaign has gone to Meath-based charities

Crowd funding website Indiegogo is being warned that an Irish man who set up a fake campaign to donate cash to himself is being investigated by the country’s police.

Frenchman Luis Ribeiro is believed to have siphoned off £80,000 over the past year from the site, and spent it on whores, drugs and car racing.

He set up a campaign calling for funds to help children in need, according to the Independent News and Media newspaper.

Mr Ribeiro has denied any wrongdoing.

In September, he was offered immunity from prosecution if he agreed to pay back the money.

Mr Ribeiro denied claims that he had created a fake campaign.

However, Indiegogo confirmed that the allegations were true and began an investigation.

Donated funds

In total, £20,000 was donated to the site’s Fáilte Ireland/Harry’s campaign for Ireland’s children.

Other monies have been donated to charities including domestic violence support centres and charities focusing on disadvantaged children.

The Fáilte Ireland/Harry’s campaign account has been suspended while Indiegogo investigates the allegations.

Image caption Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin said the allegations would be investigated

Indiegogo CEO and founder Slava Rubin has confirmed that Mr Ribeiro has been warned about his activities and that the website has begun an investigation.

“Anyone using our platform for their projects is required to comply with all applicable laws,” he said.

“We’re not certain at this stage as to what allegations Indiegogo has received to date, but these allegations will be investigated and we will take


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