The Pirate Bay is a timeless favourite of game lovers. Theres tonnes of Windows software to download, as well as large volumes of free games. To streamline the experience, torrents are generally put up in full version, so you just download the torrent and get the files. You can even get malware with the site, so be careful. Theres also a similar site called 1337X that might be worth trying out if you want a different experience.

This is another one of the best sites out there, especially if youre looking to torrent professional video game software. Its main advantage over others is that you can easily choose whether you want cracked (non-legal) or full-version (legal) games. Its one of the best sites out there, and you can find a huge range of software.

While The Pirate Bay is the best site overall, 1337X is a great alternative for pro users who prefer a different experience. Theres lots of great software available to download, and theres a whole range of gaming categories available. There are also a number of sub-forums, allowing you to find the software youre looking for in a specific category.

Skidrow is the absolute best place to get Windows software. Its the perfect place to get a massive range of different programs. There are loads of software and play store apps here, and theres a decent (if not great) range of Windows themes too. You can even download iOS and Android app apps and games.

From this, you might notice that the best site out there for Windows cracking has to be a little sketchy. The Pirate Bay is notorious for letting users upload cracked Windows software, even the latest Windows versions. It can be a risky proposition. In general, you should avoid this site, unless you want to download cracked Windows software that might potentially be dangerous. 1337X is a safe option if you want a different experience. Its mostly like a subset of The Pirate Bay. Skidrow is one of the safest sites out there, and its actually been around since 2008.