MovieFone is the largest torrent site that allows you to watch and download TV shows and movies. The site is full of information on the latest movies that are currently trending in the box-office. Recently there is also a link at the front page for downloading new movies.

K2SOFT is a torrent site for PC games. You can download games ranging from casual games to role-playing, simulation and other types of games. K2SOFT has a tracker as well as a search feature that makes it easier to download your favorite games.

THIS IS LEGIT! is one of the biggest P2P directory of all time. The site covers over 7000 torrents that range from movie releases to cracked software. The site is organized by category. If you want to download music, you will have to navigate through folders and subfolders. If you want to download movies, you will have to choose from the categories.

HackaDay is an open access torrent site where files are automatically copied by their owners to the site. You can get rid of this site easily with a VPN client. You can download contents from categories that include Movies, TV, Games, TV Shows, Music, Books, Software, and many more.

The best and most popular torrent site is BitTorrent which is the biggest name in peer to peer file sharing and definitely a famous torrent site and is the most downloaded torrent site in the world today. It consists of a large number of torrents that are linked to various categories and categories.

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