Meh, some strange bugs! This site has many app searches, but very few download buttons for files. Cracked apps are primarily free apps, but some of the files seem to exist only to connect to the game servers. BEWARE!

There are no download buttons in this site. You can only link to the game on Google. It is a bit annoying that they don’t allow users to list their own links but that aside, quite a useful site.

A surprisingly good looking website, quick to load and loaded with games. The link for the download is Easy to remember, The search feature is quite good, although there are too many results when you search for a specific game.

No download link but plenty of cracked games. Some of the games look like re-released games but they have a 100% working so that’s good! Very searchable and easy to find what you’re looking for. Worth checking out.

One of the most popular sites for PC gaming. RapidShare is convenient in that you can use it to download files without a torrent program, although not as convenient as some other sites that use direct links. Their search feature works well, and their standard download and installation are easy to navigate.

This is one of the worst sites for downloading cracked games because they don’t even have a “latest” page. It’s also not very secure, and is less responsive than its peers. However, unlike many of the sites on this list, this has an impressive search feature. Although, they don’t seem to have an archive of cracked games? Would be nice!