Browsing will pop up a warning that another party has already requested the file. Selecting Yes will allow you to download the file for free. Shoutcast and Icecast servers work great for streaming music, but other sites are best for streaming games, such as multigame hosts Skidrow and GameNyhjey. Download files from these hosts directly to a multimedia player or PC using Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. These hosts require an account to download files, but they may only have room for up to 100 downloads at a time.

The site was known as “” until 2011 and currently redirects to “” (in Russian), which also has the same issues. Loading times are variable, so it may not be the fastest option available. For the time being, the major drawbacks are the lack of a tutorial and the paucity of current games.

The site is good for android devices and Windows / iOS. If you like free games, just go on the main page and search for one of the search bar. Then once you get the results, select the category you want from the wheel. After that, the games will be shown to you in a format that is easy to view, which is easy to navigate. Once you get everything you want, just click the download button and youre done.

The site also has other categories like Music, Video Games, and a lot of others, but we don’t have enough time to check all of them. We will only check one category that we found here, and that is the games category. The game we’re going to check is CloudUnicorns, a little game that was released in February 2018 by bubblehorse1. The game is a very popular game and it has been downloaded almost 60,000 times.