Download Xvid and vpn free in all its most powerful version. Especially, this VPN has three separate servers around the world to enable the user to be able to browse the internet, even when you are at work and at school. This app also has the ability of encrypting your calls, data and sending them over secured servers. It is also possible to make your own IP address for your laptop/smartphone and your own access key.

KaZaA is the most famous torrent sharing site of all time. The site has more than one million members worldwide and gives the freedom to all its users to download unlimited content for absolutely free. Users can also share their own content with their friends to download.

Europa is one of the few torrent sites with a strict rules policy. In addition to the draconian rules, the site also has a lot of options, such as a DVD section, where you can download not only e-books but also various types of movies on disc. Just remember to only download movies that fall under Fair Use and obey the site rules.

Yes. We know that many of you have already read this page. This article is just a quick summary of other services that are almost always available. For example, you can find all the popular torrent sites on The Pirate Bay, but most people dont really care to do that since theyre finding them through Pirate Bay anyway. In case youre wondering, the most popular torrent sites on The Pirate Bay are, TPB (original name), Astr0, ExtraTorrent, RARBG, OpenBitTorrent,,, and Another popular source is Gnutella, which is kind of like an indie torrent site since its basically designed for finding free downloaders.