After the release of Apple’s iPhone, the operating system received a lot of criticism from Apple devotees. Apple was accused of being in favor of many of the goings-on in the marketplace by some users who found that iPhone was more focused on making money than the user. This operation really took place when the update for Apple’s mobile software got out, shortly after the release of iPhone 3GS. But, although iPhone is free of charge, in fact there is a strategy in the releases.

It has a no-shrink subscription option too which means that you get the most up to date version of the software for free. Unlike other free software programs that will not work for months as you download and install and do not want to download any unnecessary files, on WindowsMozilla Firefox you can download the most recent version of the program without any hassle. Some companies make you pay to update a copy of a software and in effect the software is not updated. Software version updates are free in most cases.

It’s quite strange that a product released in 2007 holds the same kind of influence in the market of the present. Nonetheless, 2003 version of ZShare is one of the most favorite tools among software distribution sites. It is an enterprise based solution that is used for secure, safe distribution of software over the web. Because it runs on a dynamic server, it doesn’t need any software installed on your PC for you to enjoy it’s services. ZShare supports built-in software like Web-based FLV player and also supports niche tool like Movemen. And, apart from browser, you can also download the software to your CD or DVD without any hassle. So if you are looking for a way to put your favorite software in your own hands, or if you are looking for the best quality as well as the most recent one, ZShare is a very safe choice.